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[1] Understanding Your Multiband End-Fed Half-Wave By Daniel Marks, KW4TI.

[2] Can you recommend a backpackable 40M QRP homebrew design for my BoB?

[3] Testing The Spiderbeam 12m Telescopic Fiberglass Antenna Mast.

[4] Polish 8m Light VHF Antenna Mast.

[5] MR100 Cheap Chinese Antenna Analyzer Review.

[6] The PAR OA144 2m Omnidirectional Antenna.

[7] Chameleon P-LOOP 2.0 (with RT-320) Conclusion.

[8] Trapped EFHW info

[9] Building a Portable 6-el. VHF 2m Yagi-Uda Antenna.


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