Militia Radio Frequencies

Started by cockpitbob, February 06, 2016, 02:28:33 pm

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QuoteThis article focuses on some of the radio gear and channel frequencies utilized by various groups

Interesting article with a useful link or 2.  Basically the various U.S. militia groups are now using UV-5Rs, some HF SSB, digital and even a little CW.

Being 20 miles from Boston, there haven't been any militia near me for almost 240 years, but I think I'll monitor some of the HF frequencies just for fun.



Very interesting read. I am a new ham. I've had my ticket less than a year. I am a broke individual. Lol. So guess what first purchase was.....yep the uv5r. I have one in my truck set up !Ike a poor man's Mobile. Work great for what it is. My local repeater is pretty tall. It gives my little cheap radio about 35 plus mile radius.

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Anything that gets you on the air!  Some experts note that the UV5R has poor output filters and splatters outside its frequency bandwidth.  That may be true but since the VHF frequencies are quiet 99% of the time I can't see it creating a problem.  I have a UV5R.


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Good article. Lots of useful information. I didn't see the TAPRN comms protocol mentioned. It's called the CH3 Project,

I've added the site to my RSS aggregator. Good info, thanks!


So long, and thanks for all the fish