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Started by RadioRay, May 23, 2016, 02:40:13 am

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May 23, 2016, 02:40:13 am Last Edit: May 23, 2016, 09:50:52 pm by RadioRay
I can't STAND it!  I MUST buy the new MTR5b. However, I do not want to cut into my family budget, so am selling other GREAT rigs to cover most of the cost.  Both of my rigs are fully checked, working perfectly and have been in cases when not in actual use.  Prices include shipping.

HB1B Mk3 and SOTAbeams EFHW tuner is sold.  I can afford the radio I just bought!  Both rigs went to good homes.

My Youkits (sold by Vibroplex) HB1B Mk3 QRP rig for 40/20/20/17 & 15 meters, with SOTAbeams EFHW tuner, an EXCELLENT combination for operating from remote environments (or coffee shops...)

It has a built-in SWR meter and is also a general coverage receiver capable of monitoring SSB and shortwave broadcast stations by zerobeating the broadcast carrier. It have the internal LiPO battery, a wall-wart charger.  It is a very good transceiver for a person who wants both a highly portable CW transceiver and the ability to monitor ham SSB and international/national shortwave programming. They sell new for $299 from Vibroplex. I'll sell mine with my a SOTAbeams EFHW tuner for $225, including shipping . You save  ;D  $74  :D and shipping and get the WORKING EFHW tuner as a bonus. . . PayPal please.

I wanted to post it HERE ( and one other private site ) for a few days first.  Please contact me via this site or  w7asa at yahoo period com .  The sooner this sells, the sooner I can order my MTR5b.

73 de RadioRay  ..._  ._

My/Gil's MTR has sold //

Gil's MTR 2 band transceiver/// SOLD // for 40/20.  You've seen it in videos and read about it here.  It's even been used for our skeds, from his coffee shop. Normally, a fine CW transceiver used by a famous movie star like Gil would cost a million dollars (oh - brother, it's getting deep in here...) but I'll sell it here - shipped - for $130. It comes with spare finals (never needed, but Gil supplied them) , 9 vdc power cord , and the digital mode cord Gil made (I've never used digital on this rig - I'm a code guy. ) Yes, this is the model which was designed to do digital modes and CW, but you'll have to do the websearch on how to do it - I B ignit.)  First PayPal gets it. You will be amazed at how excellent this receiver is. This link is THIS actual radio - from a coffee shop to me in Virginia...
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