Kent Paddles, Great Product, Service, Not so Much.

Started by gil, June 12, 2016, 10:46:40 am

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I finally got my Kent paddles! I say finally because it took a month... Robert Kent went to Dayton without shipping them, seems like he had other things on his mind. He sure took his time answering emails. When finally he sent me the tracking number it was using a shipping service I had never heard of. They delivered the package to a pickup point 20 minutes away at a leather goods store! So I had to waste three quarters of an hour of my time to go pick it up. Good thing i could borrow a car, otherwise I would have had to go by bus and waste half a day. Ever heard of UPS in Germany? I guess not. Finally happy I would be able to make a few contacts that night I opened the box at home... No 3.5mm jack included! Are you freaking kidding me? I had to take the bus this time, fifty minutes both ways and a nine kilometer walk round trip to go buy one! Needless to say I am pissed off. At least I'm sure i lost some weight, but my blood pressure was high, so it's a wash, well, not counting the lost time and bus fares. All that because Mr Kent wants to save a few cents.

The key is well built mind you and works fine. It is bigger and heavier than I thought but I am used to QRP paddles.. Not much can go wrong with such a simple mechanical device, but I wonder about customer service if I had to send it back. I would probably not see it again for six months..

I can't say don't buy one, but don't buy it from Kent directly unless you are in no hurry and have something else to use in the mean time.



Is this the key which becomes brown after a while ?



Well, it's brass so I am sure it will require cleaning once in a while..