Going underground (Spiderhole) as a means of surviving?

Started by freax, January 19, 2015, 05:32:54 AM

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If you read James Rawles' Survival Blog, you can look up "golden horde". You can also consider WROL. Lookup Ferfal, Selco, and Rhodesia defenses. Sure, hidey holes are an option, but you've got to come out sometime.

I added comms to my preps and found this blog. There are plenty of sites which deal with the above scenario. There aren't too many which deal with communications in the event of WROL. I know Gil is going to be tapping out CW from an undisclosed location :)


Every situation is different, but for me I see going underground only a short-term (<5 day) option.  That much food and water for my family of 4 is do-able.  Dealing with human waste is unpleasant, but also do-able.  In my suburban area I expect the zombie hoards will eventually figure us out.  I think the ventilation system being compromised is my biggest concern:  ever see the end of the movie The Dirty Dozen?


QuoteI know Gil is going to be tapping out CW from an undisclosed location

Yep  ;)

As soon as you dig a hole in Florida it fills with water... I don't know how people installed bunkers during the Cold War, probably dug a big hole and dropped in a watertight unit. So, no digging for me! I don't like shoveling anyway ::) My new plan is sailing into the sunset.. But it will be a while before I'm ready to do that. Problem with Florida is that there is no easy escape by road and that means North anyway. It's I75 or I95; both would be over capacity immediately in case of evacuation. We do have water all around though, so a boat makes sense. I also live near an airport and one of my best friends owns a flight school... So there is that. I have my pilot's license.

I don't thing digging-in anywhere is a good solution, except maybe in dense woods where coming and going would not be visible. Good luck digging through the roots.. You'd better have an escape tunnel too. It's easy to smoke someone out in a hole. Being trapped is not pleasant, least in a dark hole. I'd rather be mobile, if more exposed.. Now, a small trench or fox hole is another story, if just temporary. There are also plenty of man-made holes around to consider...