Why prepping is pointless. Why you, the meek, won't survive.

Started by freax, September 29, 2014, 02:24:04 am

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QuoteGil, I'll just point out the US Constitution provides for freedom of religion and speech.

Yes, in public places. This is my forum, I set it up, maintain it, and pay for it.
I am a big supporter of the U.S. constitution by the way, including the freedom of religion, which I would vehemently defend, even though I am not religious.

I'm not deleting those posts. I am politely asking members to avoid the topic. Same goes for overly political posts.

I'd like to make clear for everyone here that I do not like deleting posts or having to ask not to let threads go into certain directions, but I will if I have to. I want to keep this forum fairly on topic and avoid discussions that have no place here and will potentially create problems. This is not an anti-religion position.

If you want to talk about religion, there are plenty of other forums around to do that.

QuoteI didn't realize you were going to make that choice for everyone.

Yes, I do make that choice for everyone, on this site.

Thank you for your understanding, have a great day :)



Gil, just curious, and I'm not looking to get banned. Did you get any complaints about the posts? I know one person made a statement about no religious posts being allowed, but it wasn't you, and neither have any off topic religious threads been started. I do have an opinion, and if it's not welcome, then I understand that. It's an issue for me when you start censoring, or threaten to do so.

If other people don't like something, they're free to voice their opinion, as well, but they should do so openly. I haven't seen any complaints, except the one, and that individual seemed pretty closed minded about it, or rather, intolerant, while at the same time expressing their own opinion.

Such is the way of the world. If my opinion isn't welcome, like you said, there's plenty of other places to hang out.


Quote from: NCGunDude on March 04, 2015, 09:37:57 am
Gil, I'll just point out the US Constitution provides for freedom of religion and speech.
In this case the only thing the 1-A does is prevent the Government from restricting your freedom of speech.  Nothing more.

The 1-A was was put in place to:  1) prevent the Government from silencing dissenting voices of individuals or in the press, and 2) prevent the Government from establishing an official church of the State (like the Church of England) or outlawing religions it doesn't like.


Transistors.....chokes......filters.......they all go into a radio.........I like radios........I am here to talk radios.......Gil is a great administrator but if he is backed into a corner he is gonna swat some flies to get things back on track........That will use up a lot of time and forum space.......so please guys lets talk prepper radio.


QuoteGil, just curious, and I'm not looking to get banned. Did you get any complaints about the posts?

I'm not banning anyone, far from it. No, there were no complaints.



Gil, thanks! I'm here to talk radio, too. I apologize for wasting anyone's time or bandwidth.

More specifically, and to the point, one of these days, I will get on HF!!! For now, I talk a lot on local repeaters, but not as much as some. The area I'm in has a decent number of amateur radio operators, most of whom are of a friendly nature.

I read a post today from ARRL that the number of licensed amateur radio operators is at an all time high. That's just in the US. With things headed the way they are, I would expect that number to carry over globally.

There's lot's to get excited about in the hobby, and I appreciate a place to exchange stories and ideas. Many thanks, Gil!


QuoteFor now, I talk a lot on local repeaters, but not as much as some.

I used to listen on VHF a bit, before I had a license. Mostly it was old guys talking about their health problems. Once I heard a guy explaining how he fixed his toilet. Sometimes it was technical, but often about subjects so complicated, like digital voice protocols, that I had no idea what they were talking about. VHF was never interesting in my town. I do sign in a local net maybe once a month, but I gave up listening to the 2m repeaters in the area; boring.

HF is a bit better, with the lure of DX, just to see how far you can reach. The conversations are a bit more interesting. Still not quite enough for me to listen to SSB though. A moot point now, since none of my radios can receive SSB.

Morse code is where it's at for me. The code is the one thing that keeps me interested in Ham radio. Not enough rag-chewing on the bands though, that is too bad. Building kits and field operations renew my interest once in a while..



March 05, 2015, 11:40:36 am #22 Last Edit: March 05, 2015, 11:42:13 am by ciphercomms
Gil's cautionary post followed my 03:24/03Mar15 post...and I plead guilty and beg the mercy of the court. I was trying to tease out some of the social and cultural norms, particularly those issues that pop up in 'tough times', that are pretty common through all of Western Civilization. A lot of 'tooth and claw' can be expected but there are some reasons to hope for some cooperative efforts as well.

Leaving religion out of it, the circumstances of survival during the sieges of Stalingrad and Leningrad during WWII are probably instructive when thinking about how people can get along for months and even years on short rations and in close quarters. It won't be freax's 'Star Trek'...but it may not be Cormack McCarthy's 'The Road' either.

In almost all circumstances radios will be beneficial.