Morse Code for Prepping.

Started by gil, August 17, 2016, 07:09:04 AM

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I think in case of emergencies the simplest possibility to communicate may be sometimes the best. So inside the net we find Morse-TX's kits for less than 10 Euros or USD. And, i think every prepper has a gd small SSB handheld radio, like a DEGEN 1102 or other one. So an "SOS" can be send and an possible answer can came in wid the radio. And CW is gd for more: if u have allways a whistle wid u, u can give loud calls when u are locked in.
by the way: i think learning cw wid a small mW TX and a SSB radio is more intresting like the old morse buzzers...


Yes! Look at the 1-Watter... I just posted a thread about it, waiting for mine. For SSB, the ILER 20.