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Started by gil, May 10, 2017, 03:57:43 AM

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Geez... As usual it seems officials will lie to cover their ass. Sounds right out of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Nobody to take responsibility or do anything productive...


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I grew up in Chico, 18 miles north of the Oroville Dam, so upstream😀. We used to take field trips in school to the dam when it was being built in the early 60s. Since then I have run Telecom cables inside of the dam itself. If it ever breaks is going to be a big deal with a lot of life/property loss. I never understood why the emergency spillway was made out of dirt. It just stands to reason that if water went over it it would wash the earthen made dam away and breach the dam, and I dont have a engeneering degree:-) I guess they never though they would have to use it.



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Time to dig out your low VHF gear - Sporadic E season has arrived. I see contacts happening right across Europe on 6M.

I knew something odd was happening when I was getting good signal reports into the UK on 20M!


Yes, I need to try my PRC-352 again, but 6m FM is hard, too few people using it...



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And loosing a week with the evacuation oder because of Oroville Dam has put me that much further behind.

Many facts here, hopefully all correct:

And this is Wikipedia at its best:

This topic interests me since many friends and relatives live downstream of huge dams in Scandinavia.

All the info is correct, just got my hands on two independent reports, the Dam is nowhere near safe or will be ready for this rainy season. They have found major structural cracks in all the flood gates that they tried to hide with paint. The main drain valve at the bottom of Dam is and has been inoperable. Out of the 56 sensors on the Dam only 3 work.
With all the work that's been going on nothing has been started on the emergency spill way. The green spot on the face of the Dam has been swept under the rug they dropped the water level below that point so the grass will die off. There are problems with the valves to the power generators which is currently the only way to get water out of the Dam. This should be a interesting winter.

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Wow Joe.  That doesn't sound good.  Are there links you could post on this?  I have friends in central CA that would be interested.


Hi Bob, this is a link to there preliminary report.
Pm me your email and I can send you the 124 page report, I don't have a link for the new one because it was emailed to me by a friend.

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To be perfectly frank, when politicians tell you 'All is well.' you should be prepared to take care of yourself, because this is a common theme.  I remember one particular earthquake in the Los Angeles area, where the commercial radio and TV were reporting 'no damage' and that we should continue our day, however, the ham 2 meter system was rife with first hand reports of broken gas MAINS spewing fire, cracked overpasses on the highways , buildings collapsed and more.  "All is well" rarely is.

One other was a loss of power over several Western states, which was being reported as a local outage, but my HF ham radio running on a vehicle battery told a very different story in real-time from hams in those States, using emergency power.

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It was that way before the evacuation, the state kept saying everything was fine, and a certain amount of erosion of the emergency spillway was expected. If it wasn't for Butte County Sheriff Honea being at the right place at the right time and talking to a geologist about the true danger. The people would have been left in the dark. Sheriff Honea is the only reason there was a evacuation after he learned that a potential complete failure was possible within a hour.

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