The $11 Frog Sounds CW Transceiver.

Started by gil, February 25, 2017, 09:37:13 AM

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Finished! I don't know if it works yet. A video is in the works... I have a bunch of components left over but better too many than too few...



Nice!  I still haven't taken mine out of the wrapper yet ::), and since I'm still working nights and weekends I won't be any time soon ???

Don't you hate it when you're done and have part left over making you wonder if you skipped a step along the way ;D?  But it's a Chinese kit, so that's expected.  It's not as bad as pulling the car out of the garage after doing some major work and finding a couple nuts on the floor lol.


QuoteBut it's a Chinese kit, so that's expected.

Exactly, I didn't worry. I'll have time to test it on Monday. I am curious as to how many you'll have left over and if there is mention of C21 or a place for it on the board...



Any update on this Gil? I was tempted to buy one, I bought the Pixie instead, which is similar. It worked immediately after I built it, but I find it is deaf, perhaps the impedance of the earplugs is wrong. Or perhaps it just is not sensitive given its simplicity. My main problem is not the small TX but the small RX! So what of this frog sounds? It looks very similar to the Pixie but you have some adjustable pot there, is that volume? And it is rock bound on 7023?


I switched the crystals to 7030. It works fine and you get a sidetone, unlike the Pixie. No contacts yet, but I tried only once.


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