µBITX transceiver, $109 costing HF multiband multimode transceiver

Started by on6uu, March 20, 2018, 09:10:31 AM

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Some time ago I ordered a µBITX transceiver at http://www.hfsignals.com/index.php/ubitx/.  Weeks later it arrived and I could start cabling it.  I was impressed by how small this multiband transceiver is.
I started looking for a box but did not find anything on the attic or in the cupboard,  as I wanted some protection I build the transceiver into a cartboard box,  a firm one that is.
Cabling was no problem and done in no time.   Power meter surprised me a bit,  12W on 80,  only some 2W on 10mtr.  Surprise was on the positive side  :)

When you have to wait a longer time for something which you ordered to arrive,  you have a lot of time to read all about the item,  which I did.   I found some fixes for AGC and Audio Pop.

What I also found was other software to use with the µBITX,  software capable of doing more and which also fixed the CW problem with the original software.   Some reading later I upgraded the software to KD8CEC,  still some problems but work in progress so every update was loaded,  faults reported to the writer.
Mainwhile KD8CEC is at 1.04.   See software on https://github.com/phdlee/ubitx

Great transceiver to have,  not super and for sure it could be improved a lot,  but hey,  for that price you can be in the air and have a lot of fun and it has already quite a number of worked countries in the logbook.



The box was the hardest part of my uBitx build, I just couldn't seem to find the right size box but finally settled on this one in my post.


I also am running Ian's 1.04 firmware and I really like it. With mine I had a lot of RFI from my cell phone until I installed it into a metal box, now nothing bothers it.



I heard my first uBITx on the air yesterday.  It was a military radio collectors group that runs USB on forty meters (because mil sets are commonly USB only) . They opened their requiredment to use 'unusual radios' and there was the person calling, weak readable in SSB and entering the net at 7 Watts output.  pretty cool - eh ? In CFw, they would have been VERY loud, in SSB 'weak readable', so no problem.  That's great for an inexpensive, all HF band transceiver at a very reasonable price.

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