My new off grid set-up

Started by chuckinhellertown, April 25, 2020, 11:05:08 AM

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Greetings, all! This is my first post. I bought this house in August 2019 and had planned getting it set up well but moving and holidays and stuff happened....... nothing was done.
I've been scrambling to get caught up on food, water, and energy. I'm studying to get my ham license again in the next couple of weeks (it expired). I've got my radios and antennas set up in a good temporary configuration but the erections of permanent masts will have to wait.
I did score a very good set of AGM batteries in January and in the last 2 weeks have set up a small system. I have 450 AH of capacity and a small portable set of panels My HF and 2m stations and power system can be mobile if required.
Here are 2 short videos on what I have so far.


Great thanks, that's a lot of capacity..