Immigration and the cultural incompatibilities

Started by CroPrepper, June 08, 2018, 04:43:08 am

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I don't know if it's legit to talk about this here. I am just pissed at the moment!
I read about an Iraq and Turkish guy in Germany who raped and tortured a 14 yrs old girl and then killed her. The Iraqi has a rejected Asylrequest but was still in Germany - legally - although having a pretty extensive file at the police. I don't want to be racist here and this post is not intended to be racist, it's just about the current situation.
We are not seeing any of this in the mainstream news. Hell, in Croatia nothing is reported about immigration anymore - it's ignored - if it's not in the news it is not happening, right?
Our government was not able to protect our borders when the big immigration wave came. I envy Hungary, they have done it right. Croatia can't secure it's border because its just way to long, the borderline outlines whole Bosnia and Hercegovina. So, I assume that is also the reason why we are struggling to get into the Schengen agreement.
I live at the transit zone in North Croatia, all the traffic going to Europe goes through my town (heading Maribor - Graz - Salzburg - Munich). Thank god the migrants went over Ljubljana so we were spared of looting and civil unrest - although we prepared for it.
Some folks here prepared food and stuff. Very kind - but dont be stupid. Most of those are young aggressive men.
Slovenians closed the borders, very clever. So the immigrants had to stay in Croatia - again, the government was not ready (they are never ready for anything, they are incompetent here)...
Anyway, I often see civil unrest videos in France, as there is a big percentage of muslims so there are more cultural friction points. I am curious what's going on there?


Indeed, not the place to discuss politics here. I hear you though... Same thing in France, the media is VERY biased. There is MUCH more going on than the media portrays. One more reason to be prepared.

We'll leave it at that...