Digital modes for preparedness

Started by CroPrepper, July 10, 2018, 10:51:47 AM

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with getting the Wolphilink for my 817nd a whole new world opened. Initially, I wanted to get that thing for comparing my homebrew antennas and see how they perform in different environment. But now it came to my mind, I can use it for much more! (not for chatting or making qso via android phones  ::) )

Weather faximile
I am living in southern Europe, I found an old website from 2008 and I don't know what frequencies are in use for weather faxes. I think it is a great thing when bugging out. I can power all my gear via USB solar charger, therefore I can be quite independent with my QRP setup. I think a weather forecast is a very valid information to have access to. So, my questions to you guys is, where can I get actual frequencies for them?

Time and date
Are there beacons out there telling the current time and date? (except the ones for radio controlled clocks?)

Access to emails
Sending emails is also a nice addition. As I am new into that I am not quite sure if it's possible via Android too but I assume it is.

As I am not quite into that network things I can't tell anything about it. But I am like a sponge for new information, so if anyone has knowledge to share, I am eager to hear it :)



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The problem with Wolphi is its limited programming apps.  I have not found a way to send emails with it.  If anyone has please provide a link.  I ended up also buying a signalink to run winlink to actually do what I wanted.
  The wolphi is great for running old outdated digital modes, thats it.


Well damn then..
I just tried wspr at home with my linked dipole on 20 and 40m but not one single report. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. It ran for about an hour.


Has to be a time issue. WSPR requires to-the-second precision...

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I installed clocksync and yes, over 3 seconds deviation. I synched it now and will try again some day (when the rain will stop). Thank you Gil.


Take a look at what Julian (OH8STN) is doing with FT-8 using a headless RPii3 and a tablet. You may need a different cable to link to the sound card.

I assume you've got DroidPSK up and running.
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