Balanced Line Linked Dipole

Started by Andriy, August 28, 2019, 01:03:52 pm

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Good Morning everyone,

Thanks for the warm welcome and I'm happy to be apart of your group.  I have lots to learn about QRP Operation in the field.

So I'm starting out in this neck of the woods and I have heard about linked dipoles after reading and wondering if it is worth feeding them with latter line (450 Ohm) for a backpacking operation/ camping / Prepping? What size container can get a linked dipole into? Space is a premium and I often can carry a KX3 or any one of my monoband Kit CW Only Radios with me.

As far as a balanced line compatible tuner, i have a 4SQRP 4S Tuner, a Elecraft T1 w/ banana jack standoffs, and a discontinued SOTABEAMS Hilltopper tuner (40-17). I believe I am ok there, unless anyone else thinks otherwise.

I'm interested in this route since efficiency is also at a premium and i like to experiment.  ;D

I do like EFHW's and plan on building a linked EFHW for my SOTA HillTopper 40-17 tuner with some 26Ga wire unless the dipole you all think would work better. 

I like Gil's Tea Tin setup, that really won me over! The ATS3 fits that bill since it has wide band receive.

Looking for some ideas and a great discussion.