Ground rods, how?

Started by gil, September 16, 2012, 10:09:32 pm

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Quote from: RodneyHaines on June 05, 2013, 08:49:25 am
BTW, when pounding these suckers into the ground, don't forget about inlet water and gas lines, outlet sewer/septic pipes and underground cable, phone and electric wires.
Yes!  If you aren't 100% sure what' under the ground call Dig Safe.  It's free and you just might learn something about your house.

I just did something possibly dumb.  I'm putting a radio in my office for a while so I strung an 1/2 wave end-fed to my window.  I put a lightning arrestor on the coax before it enters the building.  Now the possibly dumb part:  I grounded the arrestor to a garden hose spigot which will conduct a lightning hit into the basement along 8' of copper pipe before exiting the basement and into earth via the house's main water feed.  I'm not too worried about it blowing out my water pipe, but I'm thinking a direct hit would make every sink in the house dangerous.  Maybe I'm off to Lowes for another 8' rod tonight.