Your Very Own Surveillance Drone...?

Started by White Tiger, December 05, 2012, 10:17:24 PM

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OK - I'm not the world greatest pilot of the new Parrot AR Drone 2.0 - in fact, I'm a pilot in training.   But you'll see me skillfully avoid an HF antenna as I cruise up to the ionosphere and have a look-see.  Then the big crash at the end wrapped up my morning of flying (and because I ran out of battery power)

Fun things to goof around with.  An Ipad or Iphone is used as the controler that uses a wifi signal to the drone.  The onboard camera will display on the ipad so when I get good at this, I should be able to control it just by watching my ipad.  And all I'm doing is plugging in a thumb drive to record the video.


Man I'd like to have a cabin in Idaho! What's the range with the WiFi?



The range claimed is about 50 meters.  I pushed it to about 90 M before it lost signal.  Then things get exciting watching the drone fly off into the forrest!  lol


ttabs, thanks for the Parrot demo, I think.

Ah, frack, I might have to have one of those.