Just passed the Exra-Class exam

Started by bkmoore, August 19, 2019, 11:42:12 AM

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Hi All,

After about six months of practice and studying, I passed the Extra exam this past weekend. I was well prepared, but still several of the questions stumped me. I didn't think I passed when I handed it in for grading and had to wait in suspense while all the VEs graded the exam. They had good poker faces. Anyway, went home, didn't get on 80m SSB or anything like that. But thought I'd mention it here. I don't really need the extra for what I do in amateur radio, but thought of it as a challenge and an opportunity to learn more about amateur radio.

Maybe I'll get a 2x2 or 1x2 call sign, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble of changing.




Great Job my friend!
   I suppose I didn't need to be an extra either, but I wanted to try and do it just to say I did it. Don't plan on changing my call sign either. It hasn't helped me do anything different or better with radios, but I guess it is nice to be able to say
   "Yeah. I'm and Extra!"
  Good luck out there


Star Rider


There is a 'prestige' having the Extra