Great technique for quickly learning morse code

Started by daedalus, November 23, 2019, 09:14:27 am

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I stumbled across this video, at around 7 minutes onwards it covers a really good technique for quickly memorising the sounds, I have had a lot of difficulty remembering more than a few letters but this is working.

The first part of the video is about the morse tree and a mnemonic to remember it , perhaps useful but the rest if the video is where the best info is located


Hello. I think it's just adding extra unneeded steps to the learning process. My best advise would be to just listen to the sound and visualise the letter, period.



There's a difference between memorizing and learning. If you want to memorize the code, that video is fine. If you want to learn the code to communicate, I wouldn't recommend it. I personally learned by using the Koch method at 15 WPM. You start out listening to 2 letters, and add letters one at a time. This method worked for me and I am now at 25 WPM.


That's what I used, but I started too slow, and now I have trouble reaching 20wpm... You did well to start at 15, which is probably the minimum...