Xiegu g90 20w qrp

Started by vy2js, January 23, 2020, 03:32:14 pm

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I think I have settled on the Xiegu G90 as the radio i will start with.  I haven't seen any serious negatives brought up in any reviews.

Power consumption seems pretty good for what it is (i know there is no pleasing Gil on that front haha ) and it puts out full 20W power down to 9v input in videos I've seen.

Very wide ATU that works fast.  SWR spectrum scope, waterfall, SDR... not sure what else i could ask for.

Anyone here use one?  I searched and found no mention of it.

It should be simple enough to use as my home station,  portable rig and even a mobile in my Jeep...



Quotei know there is no pleasing Gil on that front haha

That's right ;-)
I really do like the 20W power level though...


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Had mine for about one year. Can't say I have anything bad to say about it. Got to be a absolute deal for the money.
I can that I have found the tuner to be a dream. Right up there with my KX3
Probably true to say that it comes into its own for portable operations which I believe it excels.
Hope this is of some use.


Great thanks.

I haven't been able to find any real complaints about it.

I recently discovered that you can turn the screen off so even that niggle in the back of my mind has been put to rest.

As soon as i have the money saved I will pull the trigger.  I think pairing it with a wolf river coils silver bullet would be a good combo for base, portable and mobile use.

Additional EFHW for more portable options too.