Rugged Antennas.

Started by gil, October 03, 2012, 09:12:50 pm

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I have been working on something new...

Does anyone know of a good numerically equipped machine shop?




First prototype, first draft, VHF antenna.

Can you see the SO-239?


Jim Boswell

Gil, If you make a VHF antenna from twin lead (J-pole) you can house it in a section of gray PVC pipe. The gray PVC pipe can handle the UV light much better. The white PVC pipe turns brittle in just a few months exposed to sunlight.
For HF use it is hard to beat a wire dipole rigged as an inverted Vee. With that all you need is one upright support.

Would be nice to have one of these in my back yard to do some experiments. Only 285 tons of steel.

73'S  KA5SIW


Thanks Jim. There won't be any plastic in that antenna, only a Delrin block for the connection and adjustments...

For HF I have an end-fed dipole but I want 80 and 30m, so I have to come up with another solution...