Prepper Opportunity: Learn Morse Code for Free!

Started by raybiker73, October 10, 2012, 03:15:57 pm

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Every prepper is at least part recycler and part scrounger. I'm going to recycle something and let somebody else scrounge it....

I have a copy of the Gordon West WB6NOA Morse Code Teacher discs, from 0-5 words per minute. I'm finished with it now and don't have any further need for it. It's a pretty good little CD course, and when you're done you should be able to copy code fairly well at 5WPM. I also have a copy of the N5NL Code Course, which was given to me by a friend, but I can't use it because it's Windows-only and I use a Mac.

What I'd like to do is this: if you want to learn code and would like to use these resources, please post in this thread. First come first served, and you can PM me with your info and I'll mail them to you. The only thing I ask is that when you are done with them, post in this thread that they are once again available, and send them to the next person who would like to use them. If I never get them back, that's great - I'd rather see them out in the community being used.

If you want 'em, post here and let me know!



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Still available?

Ray, actually all set. Going to use the programs Gil suggested.