I got myself a tablet

Started by Gambrinus, October 14, 2012, 05:22:11 pm

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I just got my first tablet, a Galaxy Note 10.1 8)

I have  been waiting for the Asus tf700 to sort out their issues  and get a smooth jelly bean but it seemed to have  too many problems and complaints about their  customer service .  So, after waiting for about 9 months I decided it was time to move on.

Since this is my first tablet, I can't  tell you how it compares to others but I can tell you it's  slick!  It's very smooth not freezing no WiFi or GPS problems and the note taking with the stylus has been flawless so far.

I've been ripping some movies so I can have some entertainment when I have to travel.


How do you like the Note 10.1? I have a friend with one of those enormous Galaxy Note phones, and it's really nice.


So far I really like it, it has been very smooth, no glitches and the battery lasts me all day without a problem.  Samsung says that it will be updating the OS to Jelly Bean but I really don?t care if they do, I like it the way it is and would rather not invite issues. When my HTC phone was updated I lost 4G, thanks a pant load!
The GN10 allows a micro SD, usb and hdmi, most other tabs including the ipad don?t have that.
One nice little plus is the GN10 has an IR blaster on it and a nice app to control your TV/entertainment system.  You can spend a few hundred bucks on a dedicated remote for that alone.

We recently bought a Samsung TV and now tablets, I?m becoming a Sammy fan.  They put out a quality product.  Too bad they don?t make HAM radios!

My laptop is being left on my desk and so far I?m not missing it.  The laptop is a pain to travel with so I?m looking forward to leaving it behind and lighten my load and make it easier to get through security.

I have since ordered a GN10 for my wife too.


Samsung really does make some nice stuff. Personally, I'm an Apple fanboy :D, but my work phone is from Samsung, it's a Galaxy S3. While I don't like it as well as I like my iPhone, it is still a really great piece of kit and I can see why many people would prefer it. And no matter what kind of tablet you use, apps like Evernote and Dropbox make it even better. My laptop is now basically a permanent fixture on my radio desk, and the only machine I ever take on the road is the iPad.

You will love traveling with a tablet. It cuts down weight, the batteries last forever, and the TSA doesn't even make you take it out of the bag - so, rather than being held up in line at the x-ray machine, you can skip right to the part where they feel you up and take pictures of your junk.

Gotta admit, I'm kind of jealous of the stylus. I wouldn't want to use one all the time, but they're nice to have for note-taking and drawing apps, and all the ones available for iPad are either expensive or crappy or both.  :)


Apple makes great stuff, it just works, period.

The only reason I don?t? go apple is their need to own and touch everything.  I haven?t seen it yet but their new screen must be phenomenal. I wish I could dump my HTC phone for the S3 but I have to wait almost a year.  Maybe by then it will be the S4  ;D ?

I was wondering about TSA-holes, I?ve never seen someone put a tab in the tray so I was going to check their web site to check it out.  This is great news I wasn?t expecting!

I think my wife will really like the stylus note taking, seems like half her life is in meetings.

White Tiger

I don't have any other frame of reference for tablets than my IPad - but I can second the motion - fantastic. As a matter of fact, my company has decided to replace our laptops with much less expensive desktops/iPads for those of us that travel.

But Ray - I use a $14.00 stylus and an app called Noteshelf for note taking. It allows me a to take notes, email my handwritten notes from inside the app, and to make collections of notebooks with copious pages of notes, all stored on a book shelf.

It also allows me to select graph paper, ruled, or plain paper...if you're not aware of it you should check it out! I no longer even carry an actual notepad/spiral bound notebook!
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