Massive QRP contest

Started by KC9TNH, October 14, 2012, 07:40:34 pm

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Even for those who aren't into contesting & tallying points for some club, non-members can participate too and the traditional QRP areas were pretty busy today. The prop gadget says unsettled Ma Earth and aurora effect still low up here. Didn't matter for CW. Made a handful at the 50w normally at (used to drive the amp when running a net), then just turned down the drive to 10w. Straight-key, lotta fun.

So if you don't want to 'publicly' play the game, you can still make contacts and
a) validate what your antenna's doing
b) keep your hand in (literally)
c) and likewise for your ears, including being able to quickly zero-beat someone by ear, especially if you're without any filtering.

Because of the nature of it you're going to hear all the characters, at various rates, in differing conditions, live copy is a great trainer.

Tools in the bag.


I heard some of that.  I couldn't figure out the exchanges.  They seemed to contain a long serial number or something.  Fun trying to figure it out though.  Good practice.

Ah, I found it.  They were exchanging their Amateur Ration Club International member numbers.

Some day I expect that listening to 20wpm code will be like listening to someone talk, but for now it's hard work. A 30min QSO leaves me tired.  I can't imaging working a contest all day and night the way some people do.