PSK31 7K miles

Started by madball13, February 04, 2013, 11:05:55 am

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Made a contact from Mass to Kenya on 20m PSK31 this weekend. I was pretty impressed with the ability of PSK31 to be able to do that with 30W. I know CW is the way to go, maybe someday.


Awsome!  Yes, PSK-31 is excellent and some of the other digital modes copy even further into the noise , with more robust error correction and etc. but PSK-31 does a LOT with very little power. In the western USA, in the early days of PSK-31, everyone ran only a few Watts.  We had a Sunday sked of the western States on 80m.  Many of the rigs were under 5 Watts, some of them were 80 meter 'Warbler' kits at 2 Watts.  IT worked rather well and this was in the days before small, inexpensive netbook and such.

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