800 Miles on 200mW.

Started by gil, November 29, 2012, 11:40:11 am

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Cool! I'll PM you if I cut free. (#2 single-parent son has 1 going to the ER so may have to play referee, er, babysitter for a bit, we'll see how the drama shakes out, probably a typical ear thing.)

Congrats on the antenna. Good news, unless you're gonna plug in an amp & work 75m in all conditions, you can get away with something that doesn't have to be very high.  With CW, it'll go lots further than a barefoot 75m SSB sig, but then you know that already. If you're space limited, an inverted-L might be OK, otherwise put some wire out there, lots. Way out there at the end of 80m a tiny freq change can translate to alot of feet. So have fun with it. (Also, don't be surprised if your 80m effort ends up playing well on 15m.)

If I was space limited, just for fun I'd throw up a dedicated 17m antenna. Some of the higher bands have "their times" but 17m almost always has plenty of daily activity. (My furthest contact was QRP to the Seychelles on 17m - and there's a reason the .MIL still keeps data around for their piece of 18mHz.  Good Sunday AM band.)

I'll give you a shout if I can get back here after awhile or if you have an idea or are on my email's good at QRZ.
So much for being an empty-nest...