Considerations for an Evasion Plan

Started by KC9TNH, February 03, 2013, 10:11:04 am

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For many with a .mil background (past/present) some of what follows is doctrine on this topic.  I offer this link only as a source for what aspects may need to be considered. As the author states, everyone's needs & situations are different. They could range from a solo bugout with no external support to an organized evasion that is triggered by some other event.

It is, in my view, a worthwhile read and worth consideration of those necessary planning circumstances that will apply to you.  To reiterate, the situations can be different for everyone. More than one plan, certainly 2 or, better, 3 variations could be done depending upon whether one is fleeing a natural disaster, a civil situation that is untenable, or whether one is actively being pursued.

No right/wrong answers; plan for what's real (and don't forget external influences that might necessitate an update). Just submitting to the group for their discussion.


The guy at that link knows of what he speaks, having been trained in a part of the military where having bug-out plans is high on the to-do list.
One comment on planning:  Whatever your first, second, and third variations work out to be, don't call that good enough even if you're capable of executing each variation.  Throw Murphy into the mix, and see how it's necessary to figure workarounds for each variation. 
I forget the author of the famous quote, but it goes something like "no good plan survives first contact with...   "


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... The enemy.  - Von Moltke   

I at first thought that it was Von Clausewitz - or my ex-mother-in-law  (She was always fighting and every man was her enemy . . .   )     :o

There are the 'Three Rules of Life' from the core four of my Army Buddies.  A GREAT deal of tequila was required to distill these rules:

1.  Life is NOT Fair.

2. Always Leave Yourself a Way Out. (I prefer at least three . . .)

3. Trust Nobody. 

#3 is the though bit - really. It can lead to a 'mission efficient'  , but dull life.

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