Easy Digi kit arrived

Started by s2man, May 28, 2013, 05:51:55 pm

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My Easy Digi kit arrived, today.  Easy Digi interfaces the computer sound card with the radio, like the Signalink.

What folks say about Clifford, N5CEY, is absolutely true.  He is very helpful and flexible.  I asked if I could buy the kit plus the box and audio-cable connectors he uses in his pre-assembled model.  He said the kit uses transformers which are too big to fit in the box, but offered to solder on surface mount transformers for me and supply the rest in kit form.  Sweet.

I was also supposed to get a Windows box today, but that is delayed.  If I don't have it by the time I build the kit and the usb sound card arrives, I'll just drag a LINUX box into the office/shack and wrestle with getting everything to work on it.  Some sites say Windows-only for the software, but one says LINUX is fine...

I've got too many projects going on.  I made good progress in the Garden Sat and Sun, but its rained Mon and Tues.  Getting the garden in is my highest priority, right now, so I'm saving fun stuff as a reward for getting that done..  I've also bought materials to build a digital TV antenna.  I spent today in town, having Mother's Day lunch with my mom and sister, and buying materials for yet another project!