Started by pavelow, April 20, 2013, 12:10:24 pm

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Hi Guys.

My experience with the UV-5R was not so good... I had to buy three to finally get a good one. The first two had bad mic jacks and broke almost immediately. They still worked but I could only use them with a separate hand microphone. The third one works great and has been to hell and back, dropped, doused by Atlantic waves, etc. I think it is close to its end of life. I might get a watertight model... Otherwise, I like the TYT line, which seems more rugged.



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I'm a fan of baofengs, have a btech dual band mobile used daily while commuting, and several HT's.

I bought a mirage dual band amp years ago for using the HT as a mobile, before getting the btech, my frankenrig. These amps work nicely with HTs.