Interesting video.

Started by gil, September 15, 2013, 12:36:05 AM

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Interesting thing that I took away is to equip teams with those small talkies and talk back to a ham equiped base who then relays the info to the EOC in the county....
... and the rest of the outstanding post.

A heirarchical setup can work phenomenally well; we do that here for SKYWARN. An operator who can't deploy (for whatever reason) can often monitor and relay to the individual watchers better than the local NOAA, who have their own task set and are largely monitoring, as are the county EM folks (from whom we do not get a dime) who are free to do other stuff - like asking us to phyically verify that the frenetic 911 call for a tornado was actually a piece of low scud scooting through.

You are in the x-ring regarding the need for humans. We continue to try to interest all our members in at least getting a Tech license.  I have mentioned many times at meetings that I would be happy to work with someone so inclined; and would even flip the $15 for the exam if they would promise:
a) to study for both Tech & General
b) to honestly do the best they could
c) at least attempt the General when they pass the Tech.

Sadly, I've yet to need to open my wallet.
Even with the likelihood that other members probably could manage to put a radio in their hands when they got licensed.

But that vertically-integrated informational model works bigtime & for more than the typically thought of disasters.

People, human networks, whatever you call it; there's the delta.

You can lead a horse to water.............
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