Elecraft K2 questions

Started by KK0G, October 06, 2013, 11:40:09 pm

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Latest update:

I installed the noise blanker last night; it's the only rig I've ever owned with a NB that actually works. Most of the others didn't do much more than just attenuate the signal a little bit, this one seems to actually blank out noise............ go figure. 8)

Tonight I finished up the RS232 adapter and my K2 is now happily communicating with my iMac via MacLoggerDX. After finishing that I aligned all the crystal filters using Spectrogram on a borrowed Windows laptop - thanks for the link to the tutorial Gil. Now that I've done it using Spectrogram, I realize I could have easily done it using iSpectrum on my Mac but I really needed N0SS's tutorial to walk me through step by detailed step (sometimes I'm dense like that).

I'm all out of Elecraft kits and modules to build now until Santa brings me an ATU option, and a 60M option, and a 160M option, and a SSB option, and a.................... ;D
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