What do I need?

Started by RangerMobile, August 07, 2014, 05:06:26 PM

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The FT-857D is a solid choice. I am on my 2nd one, as I let someone talk me out of my 1st one. I also have an FT-897D in a pelican case with power supply, cables, HF antennas and other assorted stuff for a run-away station.

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The thing is, I am all new to this and like others when starting out it's a bit overwhelming. Trying to do my best with what I have and learning as I go from research. I'd really like to get with someone to "show me the ropes," as I have done everything myself so far.

Anyway I have the FT-857D along with an LDG YT-100 Tuner. Powerwerx Supply, LDG FTL meter for the 857. and an external speaker. Ran a loop antenna in my attic and am now installing a Diamond x50 with LMR 400 for my 2nd antenna.

I have picked up 11 states on the 40 meters ( just listening ) Don't have my license yet. So I believe my loop antenna is working fine.

If there are any other suggestions, I'd welcome all.



First, get your license.  At least Technician level preferably General!

As far as antennas go, I like my 6m - 40m endfed from KX3Helper.com.

An alternate power source isn't a bad idea either.  You've got a setup so far though.


I would say definitely General. That 857 will be very under-utilized with just a Tech license since most of HF is General/Extra-only territory.

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medic photog

You'll like the 857, I have one and also their vx8 ht.  I'm at the tech support level but studying for general. I run the 857 as a base with the Yaesu power supply and also as a mobile unit. I'm just starting to feel comfortable enough to play on some ht bands, I've been on 2M and 70 cm since I got my ticket last December. If my cash flow improves I plan on getting a second 857 so I don't have to move the one back and forth. I'm also looking at an end feed wire for multi band use with a tuner at the residence.

medic photog

I'm also considering the 817 as a pack unit, like a squad RTO would carry, with the addition of a solar panel recharge system.


This guy has a pretty decent setup built around an 817.