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Batteries & Solar / MY CB GO BOX
« on: September 11, 2017, 02:43:07 PM »
Hello all,
This is my first post and I hope I do not offend anyone but I am a CB'er  :)  Someday eventually I will get licensed and go spend all my extra money on "real" radios but for now CB's suit my needs.  That being said, i do like all the fun Ham's have with their projects.  So I started my own.  A CB go box! Before you all say it, I already have a handheld and a radio in my truck, this is just a fun project and would like to have a base station that i can pack up on a moments notice...I'm kind of a prepper ;) 

I have my radio, speaker, emergency amplifier, swr meter and PA hooked up so far.  I will be installing a second antenna hook up to go to a dipole or eventually a mobile omni-directional antenna (Field Day style)  Photo attached upon approval.

I need some advise for my final components:

1. Battery (thinking a bioenno 30 or 40 amp hour LiFePo4 with a AC smart charger, should give me ample talk time)
2. Rigrunner (I think i have narrowed this down to the RR-4004U-C)
2. Charge controller (for using a solar panel for charging purposes, but not sure if this depends on which panels are used)
3. Battery Meter (I would like to be able to monitor output as well as battery life)
4. Solar Panel (I would like a fold able or roll up solar panel that will travel well, not sure what size i will need)

Once i have these components I plan on Anderson Power Poling all power connections etc. 

I look forward to any feedback!


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