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Technical Corner / Re: New QRP Labs 5W CW Transceiver Kit.
« Last post by cockpitbob on Today at 10:03:14 AM »
Hi Steve, and WELCOME aboard the board! ;D
That's a great selection of radios you have.  The only thing missing is a Pixie, 49er or Frog Sounds so you can claim you've made HF contacts on a radio you built for less than $20 ::)
Technical Corner / Re: New QRP Labs 5W CW Transceiver Kit.
« Last post by Steve 7931 on Today at 09:47:31 AM »
OK. After reading through this topic, I have placed an order for the QRP Labs 5W CW Transceiver kit. Today.
I just had to join in the fun.
I am new to this site and fairly new to the hobby, licensed in 2014.  However I did build my first 80 m radio transmitter in. 1968 !!!  It took till I retired to find the time to study and pass the Exams. Now a full UK Licence holder and holder of a French callsign as I have retired to France.

My radios include a Kx1,  a K2 , and  MTR 5 B  ,  all for QRP Operation in the field.

As a longtime Scout, I have long interest in Survival and Prepping Subjects with radio being the latest addition to the skills levels acquired.

73 Steve
Radio Reviews, Questions and Comments. / Re: KX2 First Impressions.
« Last post by gil on October 19, 2017, 01:12:38 PM »
Hello Bob,

If you want to mainly do CW, the KX2 is awesome. You get great filtering, much better than any other radio I've tried, except the KX3 which works as well. I did not get any options, though I wouldn't mind the internal tuner. I prefer an external battery but having no wires is definitely nice. The clock is useless to me, I wear a watch... I don't do contests and very little digital modes, so no clock for me. I don't think it's mandatory for digital, and I think you have to reset it every time you turn on the radio, but I might be wrong about that. The paddles would be nice.. Some day..

The only advantages of the T1 is that you can put it at the antenna feed point to eliminate long-cable losses, but then you need someone to press the tune button for you, unless you can run really fast back to the radio! It also of course works with other radios and will take 30W.

I don't think I'll sell my KX2 but I wonder sometimes, as I did for the KX3, if it just isn't too much radio, so to speak. I never got emotionally attached to my KX3, as much as one can get attached to a thing, and the KX2 is the same. I don't know why... There aren't any logical reasons for it, as the performance is excellent. It's just one of those things...

I wonder sometimes if I should have bought an FT-817nd, especially now that I really like 2m SSB/CW. If I had to do it again, I think I would, but the high current draw really, really bugs me. Maybe I haven't digested the $300+ importation tax on the KX2...

Anyway, you can't go wrong with the KX2. We go around only once... Maybe Ray can comment on his...

Radio Reviews, Questions and Comments. / Re: KX2 First Impressions.
« Last post by cockpitbob on October 17, 2017, 10:58:28 AM »
Gil, I think I'm about to get a KX2.
The company I work for gives you a $750 gift of your choosing on your 15th anniversary with the company.  Strangely, I'm at a point if life were I don't want much, except spare time to play with the toys I have :P.  Even though I don't have much time for operating, I've always wanted a KX2, and it's just the right price.  So, now that you've had yours a while, what are your thoughts, especially on their accessories, which are pretty expensive.

Did you get the internal tuner, or are you sticking with the T1 external tuner?  Is there any real advantage to the internal tuner, other than fewer pieces and wires and probably a simpler tuning procedure?

What are your thoughts on batteries.  I like fewer wires, but I also like the idea of having a standard battery pack and charger that I use for all my QRP rigs.  If I get their internal pack($60) then I think I need their charger($25).  And I don't like that you have to open the radio and remove the pack to charge it.

What about the RTC real time clock.  At +/-2 seconds a day it doesn't seem like much of a clock.  Is it needed for digital modes, or is it just a convenience for date/time logging?
CB / Re: Best CB radio for inside a jeep
« Last post by cockpitbob on October 17, 2017, 10:42:58 AM »
Many radios tend to offer a WX receive ability. And it seems that many people end up not using WX ability for some reason or another. I am one of those people.
Cell phones is my guess. 
I'm that way.  I still have a little Radio Shack weather radio, and I used to bring it on most trips.  Now my cell phone provides me with all the Wx info I need.  But I'm glad my UV-5R and FT-60 get NOAA Wx.  If the SHTF and the cell towers are down there's a chance NOAA will still be broadcasting, or will be back on the air much sooner than the cell system.
Technical Corner / Re: New Steve Weber Project.
« Last post by cockpitbob on October 17, 2017, 10:37:23 AM »
Shhhhhhhhhh! ;)
I've been following Steve's progress on this digital capable SSB rig for weeks but haven't posted here hoping that when he's ready to take orders the feeding frenzy won't consume all available radios before I get my order in ::).
I'm only half kidding since the last one of his kits I got in on was the first build of the MTR-3B three years ago.  They sell out so quick I keep missing them.

I've always wanted a tiny SSB radio that can do digital.  I'm thinking I might get some teenagers interested in ham radio with digital texting on a cell phone or tablet.

Steve's an amazing guy and a talented engineer.  I just wonder where he finds all the time :D
Morse Code / Re: Heavy Metal Morse.
« Last post by cockpitbob on October 17, 2017, 10:03:19 AM »
Didn't want to start a new thread and this seems like an appropriate palce.

I was browsing through an add filled slide show on 55 celebrities that served in the military and found this on Johnny Cash:
Johnny Cash was born in 1932 in Kingsland Arkansas and died at the age of 71 in Nashville after an outstanding career as a country and blues song writer and performer. He is a leading artist of the last century and one of the best-selling musicians of all time selling more than 90 million records worldwide. He is primarily known as a country singer but also known for his songs that include rock and roll, the blues, gospel and folk. In 1950 Cash enlisted in the US Air Force where he was assigned to the 12th Radio Squadron Mobile of the United States Air force Security Service in Germany. He functioned in the position of Morse Code operator intercepting Soviet Army transmissions. He served until July of 1953 and was honorably discharged. He returned to the States to begin his music career.quote
CB / Re: Best CB radio for inside a jeep
« Last post by NF822WNY on October 17, 2017, 09:05:50 AM »
I am a big fan of the Uniden 980SSB.  It may not be the most compact or rugged radio but the features and price point make it a great radio.  Besides the obvious advantages of utilizing SSB the weather features on this radio are great.  A full 7 NOAA weather channels with a weather alert feature, so you can be in CB mode and if there is a severe weather alert a loud tone sounds and automatically changes the WX so you can hear the announcement.  It works flawlessly and came in handy when we had some severe wind storms this past summer.  I have set this up as a base radio in the past, it is in my truck as my mobile rig, and have my go box set up with one.  At around $150 you will be happy with this radio. 
Technical Corner / New Steve Weber Project.
« Last post by gil on October 17, 2017, 05:38:10 AM »
From the AT_Sprint Yahoo group:

I just ordered proto boards for a SSB reversion of the Soda Pop, tentatively named "slop bucket".

It's based on the Survivor SSB rig design, but with a Si5351 VFO and of course, mostly SMT parts. It is slightly bigger then the soda pop board, but not by much.(92 x 100 mm). It includes a VOX circuit so it can be connected directly to a sound card for digital mode operation.  I decided not to board mount the jacks this time for two reasons. 1) to keep the board smaller then 100 x 100 mm and 2) it allows more flexibility of enclosure choices. 

My plan is to initially offer just 50 kits, all of the same band and only to US address. I know this will disappoint a lot of people, but it makes my life easier.  ETA is before Christmas.

The main reason for offering just one band is because the IF frequency is different depending on the band to keep unwanted mixer products well away from the operating frequency.

A 20 M version will use a 9 MHz IF and a 40M version will use a 11.059 MHz IF. The 20M version will likely require a more expensive PA then the 40M version to get decent power output and that could impact the price of the kit, but probably not by too much. The price will be in the ball park of the Soda Pop kit.

Radio Reviews, Questions and Comments. / New Elecraft KX2 Firmware for MH3 Microphone.
« Last post by gil on October 17, 2017, 04:56:13 AM »

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