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I recently bought one off of eBay and it's  a great little unit, but I notice that the main freq knob seems to miss when dialing.

It misses when slow or fast dialing by one or two "notches" in random order around the dial.

Does anyone know if this is normal (cheap encoder) or is mine worn out?

It's not enough to make it hard to use, I'm just curious.

- Jim
I mean I would have to use a cheat sheet for many letters and a scripted QSO.

A friend in a nearby town and I want to try NVIS and it would be my first QSO in CW, but I'm not ready and he's probably worse off.

I'm hoping that NVIS will keep it local and not interfere with anyone, but know there will be a lot of slow <5WPM going back and forth.

Is there a good chance I'll get the ".-..  .. -.." thrown at me? :)
I found your youtube video of the MTR and really want my next radio to be the LNR Mountain Topper. 

If I can get PSK3 running on it, the wife will sign off ASAP [4 left :)] because she doesn't want to learn code.

Point me in the direction I should go, please sir. 
Morse Code / 300 or 500 hz filter?
May 18, 2015, 10:18:13 PM
Birthday this week and hoping a W4RT dual filter board for the FT-817  is a gift, but can't decide on which CW filter I should get.

I keep reading the 500 is the one but 300 works better on PSK.

I'd be using it 90% on CW 10% PSK

What's your preference and what is the filter actually doing? 

Appreciate the help!
Morse Code / How cool is this?
May 13, 2015, 10:46:11 PM
A co-worker who is a 40+ yr HAM just brought this in after me telling him last night i was looking to go CW as a primary on HF and has been listening to me dit-dah him new letters I learn when I see him.

$20 is a pretty good deal I think, I'm still looking to buy an AME Porta Paddle, but this will keep me busy until a great deal on eBay comes up.

It's a Signal Electric MFR
I'm sure I should know this probably but I was wondering if I'm on save 14.035 and I want talk to someone across the US can I tell them to cone up on that freq and will they be close to it, exactly on it?

Does the number on the dial on all radios equal the same thing or is that number dependent on too many different factors to be accurate?

So next month i take my general and i now have an ft-817

I've only made a few 10min antennas with limited RX on 20/10M but want to get a "real" antenna setup for my anticipated upgrade.

Max $$$ is in the $300 range, that includes a tuner, pole, antenna, etc

All that said, here is what I'm wanting and would appreciate any advice.

I'd like the most efficient antenna that has a good match for EMCOMM (low pro SHTF and BUGOUT capable) with the following weighted abilities

The tuner issue is that i don't have one and it adds $80-130 to the cost (MFJ-971)

A collapsible pole ~$70.

Desired Abilities
1. Portable 40/20/10
2. Small footprint and stealthy
3. QRP efficient
4. Tunerless

My choices seem to be:
1. SOTAbeam inverted V ($55)
    PRO: light
    CON: needs roach pole
              taken down to change bands
              needs a tuner for best results?

2. Enfed 40/20/10 ($75)
    PRO: light
             Easier to setup without a roach pole
    CON: not mobile and needs space

3. EzMilitary ($300)
    PRO: easiest to setup
             Auto tune
             Can double as vehicle antenna
    CON: read that its very inefficient with 5W max

4. Buddistick ($200)
    PRO:  easy setup
               Tunerless (tune by ear)
               Small package collapsed
               Vehicle ops capable
    CON:  little high priced

The big question is also... Will i eventually need a tuner anyway and would having one like the 971 that can tune random wire be a better option?  I figure on 5w that a tuner is just wasted energy?

Also, i googled "alpha match" (ezmilitary antenna) and have no clue what that means?  How do they provide a continuos match across several bands?

Appreciate any advice, if im  missing the bigger picture please draw it for me :)
General Discussion / It's alive! Almost finished
December 14, 2014, 10:54:27 PM

Happy to finally have my radio working again tonight even if it's only for a few hours before I tear it all apart again for finishing touches.

This is my base radio but because I have not other, I wanted to have a portable setup that could be transferred to the vehicle or run off grid via batteries and solar power.

I'll put a full right up on my website when all the finishing touches are done but I had to share. :)

Still needs a PL259 on the front, a cover plate, a FM radio XMTR for use in the vehicles, I need to find a way to mount the LED light bar I bought for it along with an accessory pack mounted to the future top cover.

Nothing new, I found the idea on the internet but I really like having everything ready to go like this setup allows.