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General Discussion / Re: Crowd Funding The Perfect Survival Radio?
« Last post by Andywragg on January 02, 2018, 07:01:53 AM »
How about approaching Farhan (of BITX40 and UBITX fame) with regard to 'hardening' the UBITX for the/our intended use? As far as I can tell, the UBITX fulfils most of the radio specific goals, with the exceptions being the enclosure and battery.

For me having an internal battery is a negative attribute, as typically I'd want a number of battery packs that are easily swappable. No point having a radio you can't use cos the battery is flat (in the field away from charge facility or in the middle of the night when there's no sun to solar charge).
I speak from experience here as a former military signaller, experienced in pretty much all the PRC 3** Clansman range. Whilst these are bombproof radio's I wouldn't want to lug one (HF Variety) around as a civvy due to the weight of the pack and the cells.

When funds allow I shall be getting hold of a UBITX and looking to source a suitable field style case in which to install the guts of the radio.
General Discussion / Re: Crowd Funding The Perfect Survival Radio?
« Last post by gil on January 02, 2018, 06:36:42 AM »
I don't dislike the 817 mind you... I might yet buy one, if only for the 2m and 70cm bands in SSB.

General Discussion / Re: Crowd Funding The Perfect Survival Radio?
« Last post by scarr on January 01, 2018, 04:10:20 PM »
For me (ymmv) the 817 is a great compromise due to its low cost, small size, available bands and modes.

Yes current draw is an issue if it's your sole radio - but, I think the issue is somewhat overstated: current draw in my experience is around 350mAh. Compared to a MTR trx, this is absolutely huge, but, the FT817 is not an MTR. How about comparing it to the Clansman RT320?

RT320 = 24 volts * 175mAh = 4.2 Watts for RX. Pro: 30 Watts out. Extremely rugged. Con: Big and weighs 5kg without battery or other options. 
FT817 = 12 volts * 350mAh = 4.2 Watts for RX. Pro: Small and weighs 1kg. Con: Max 5 Watts out. Not nearly as rugged.

In short, the 817 is a lot easier to carry around on your back - it's far from perfect, but given the choice it's what I have picked.

If I really was concerned about having a long term, portable, backup HF SSB rx capability, I'd have a relatively inexpensive radio like the Tecsun PL660, which will run off AA's for an eternity.

Elecraft radios are lovely but they cost a fortune in the EU. If I was taking part in SOTA, I'd grab an MTR.

I will be picking up a ubitx shortly, the plan being to put it in a rugged case and make a poor mans PRC320 :)

(A more detailed description of the 817's RX power consumption is available here: - which demonstrates that it's possible to power the 817 on RX at 7.5V, with 290mAh drain, for an effective power consumption of just 2.18W.)

General Discussion / Re: Merry Christmas!
« Last post by NCGunDude on January 01, 2018, 06:59:30 AM »
Happy New Year!

Winter Field Day 2018 is coming up at the end of this month.
Radio Reviews, Questions and Comments. / Re: Hambuilder review? Anybody?
« Last post by gil on December 31, 2017, 08:22:00 AM »
Looks good to me. I would love to try one...
Batteries & Solar / Re: MY CB GO BOX
« Last post by gil on December 31, 2017, 08:18:23 AM »
You could do fine talking to both repeaters and SSB operators without having to fuss with the antenna.

Bob, I was surprised to be able to talk to England from the French Cliffs at Cape Blanc Nez both in FM and USB with the same horizontally polarized Yagi...

As to the RF caused by the amp... I have said it many times and will continue to say it, you don't need an amp! Without the amp you also don't need a 40Ah battery! Which mean that you won't have to carry it if you have to. Using a smaller battery will also mean using a smaller solar panel. You win both in weight and money. 12W SSB is plenty of power. Some of them can also be adjusted for a bit more after the SHTF, if need be... An amp is a waste of amperes, money and carrying capacity. The only thing it might be good at is warming up your tent maybe, and at a significant cost.

General Discussion / Re: Crowd Funding The Perfect Survival Radio?
« Last post by gil on December 31, 2017, 07:42:53 AM »
The 817 does not qualify in the most important aspect of any survival radio, current draw on receive, which is the only reason I haven't bought one yet. Now, with the advances in battery technology and solar cells, the problem isn't as acute as before, but today it is possible to do much better, like the KX2, which unfortunately fails in the ruggedness department, especially regarding water ingress.

Batteries & Solar / Re: MY CB GO BOX
« Last post by LWolken on December 31, 2017, 03:00:18 AM »
With a max output of 4 watts its not going to consume much power on transmit either.  In reality you can get by with a much smaller battery maybe 10-15ah and 20-30 watts of solar.  I like your idea of adding a small inverter and would suggest a aa/aaa battery charger also.  I like the Powerex Maha MH-C401FS model simple and effective.  If the power goes out it will be very important to have batteries for flashlights.   
Radio Reviews, Questions and Comments. / Hambuilder review? Anybody?
« Last post by NWARadio on December 30, 2017, 10:55:59 PM »
I sold almost all my radio stuff a while back and now I'm thinking of getting another one. But, I'm just not keen on spending nearly a thousand dollars again for a radio that I mostly listen to. (I found, over time, that I really didn't have much to say) I thoroughly enjoyed 17m for the special even stations and lack of contesting and want 80m for NVIS experiments. Also, I want cheap, cw and ssb. To that end, I've found this:
Haven't seen it on the eBay store yet, but the single band model is only $170 or so. Anybody here heard anything about these or have any experience with them? I know I'll probably end up shelling out four or five hundred dollars for one of the usual suspects, but until I give up the search, I'll be hoping for something less expensive and as useful.
General Discussion / Re: Crowd Funding The Perfect Survival Radio?
« Last post by NWARadio on December 30, 2017, 10:38:54 PM »
Does the Yaesu 817 not meet all these needs?
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