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Technical Corner / Re: I finished my Weber Soda Pop!
« Last post by CroPrepper on March 07, 2018, 05:57:12 PM »
Nice job. Looks like a soviet geiger counter from early cold war era :D

Via TapaTalk

Well I finally received the enclosure for the uBitx, this was the hardest part of this whole project. I crossed the first hurdle and measured and drill the holes for the main board. Now to cut the display into the front panel, this is my least favorite thing to do :'(. I came to a sad conclusion on this project, I will be separating the display from the main board so that the display can be in the middle of the panel. I just couldn't have looked at it with the display over on the left side of the panel. So now I need to devise a method of short jumper wires or a custom made flat ribbon. If I dont mess up the cutout this is going to look very good.

Antennas / Re: Windom Antenna Analysis With The MR100.
« Last post by gil on March 06, 2018, 05:45:15 PM »
Awesome. I'll tell you, I came back from anything not fed at the center or at the end. Too much trouble with stray currents...

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Technical Corner / Re: I finished my Weber Soda Pop!
« Last post by gil on March 06, 2018, 05:41:32 PM »
Yep, that will be a major build!

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Technical Corner / Re: I finished my Weber Soda Pop!
« Last post by caulktel on March 06, 2018, 05:32:20 PM »
Looks great Gil, time to enjoy it now before the Slop Buckets get here :)

Technical Corner / I finished my Weber Soda Pop!
« Last post by gil on March 06, 2018, 05:09:36 PM »

I finally got it all done!

  • Added an acrylic green screen.
  • Three 18650 cells in the case.
  • Inboard balanced charger.
  • Inboard MPPT solar charge controller.
  • Balanced port and lead for external charger.
  • Mini speaker.

I destroyed two acrylic screens and one speaker before getting it all packed up :o
The plug near the speaker is the balanced charging port.
Time to get my ass outside now  ;D

Antennas / Re: Building a 2m Slim Jim Antenna.
« Last post by CroPrepper on March 06, 2018, 06:33:50 AM »
I thought about getting the MR100 but in the end I discarded that idea. As far I understand is you can't use it in series with the rig? Another point is that a lot of people talk about calibrating, so the initial calibration is questionable and it does not cover VHF.

I will get a simple SWR meter (Diamong SX-20C for 80) that will be hooked up in line with the antenna. As soon I get my 817ND I intend to make a linked dipole for not yet determined bands in combination with the SWR meter. I still dont know if a tuner is necessary if I cut to resonate lengths, I guess SWR will vary everytime I install that thing on a different location.
SX-20C 3.5-30MHz, 50-54MHz,130-150MHz, 300 W

Antennas / Re: Extend Handheld Radio Range With a Yagi-Uda Antenna.
« Last post by CroPrepper on March 06, 2018, 06:25:50 AM »
Interesting results. I wondered how that works if only one pair of sticks is connected, but the principle how a Yagi works is quite ingenious (after googling it of course).
I saw people make such antenas for SOTA activities and portable use out from piano or guitar strings. I also saw a portable Yagi on for SOTA but its over 100. I got a fiberglas heavy duty pole with 6m height, such a yagi would come in handy to pickup distant stations on simplex.
I may research a bit on how to use guitar wires for that as I am a guitar player and those wires are really form stable.

Thanks for sharing this diy project

Antennas / Re: Windom Antenna Analysis With The MR100.
« Last post by C-ya on March 05, 2018, 07:14:23 PM »
I just received my MR100 analyzer.  I found this site searching for it's use after I saw it on ebay.  I'm glad I did, as I have found some interesting topics on this forum.  You have even gotten me to download a CW app for learning and even going to the LCWO page.  I haven't signed up, but I plan to.

I'll try to post a few plots of my 80-40-20 OCF.  I'm having issues tuning it since I went from twin lead feed to coax and balun due to space restrictions at my current QTH.  With 100 feet of 300 ohm twin lead, it was pretty much "no tune".  With the balun and 50 feet of coax, 80 is tough for the LDG tuner, 40 is great, and 20 is not perfect.

Thanks for the forum and hopefully I can contribute a bit as well as learn a lot.  I have been lurker for about a month but I registered tonight to post in this thread and a Slim Jim thread.
Antennas / Re: Building a 2m Slim Jim Antenna.
« Last post by C-ya on March 05, 2018, 06:49:10 PM »
Hello!  My first post on the board.  I built a Slim Jim for 2m/440 and I love it.  It is mounted on my chimney for height.  For those needing to adjust SWR without moving the feedpoint, you can also adjust the gap between the folded ends.  I haven't found the need for it - I  must have gotten lucky with tuning that day! - but I have seen others do it that way.  I found one method of making the antenna that included a screw/bolt in one end and with turning the bolt, you increase or decrease the gap.

I screwed then soldered then covered with mastic tape (the weatherproof wrap tape) the connections onto the antenna and mine has been in service for many years.

Glad to have found the site!  I just ordered and received an MR100 antenna analyzer.  I'll post more in that thread.
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