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Decathlon has fishing rods called "traveler" more compact than others. There is in 3,4,5 and 6m. 14,99€.

The last piece os too much thin, I retired It.

Spiderbeam HD 12m is a fabulous Rod for portable, not for hiking.

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Antennas / Re: Chameleon SPIKE mount.
« on: March 18, 2018, 06:33:06 PM »
50$ for a stainless stick with a screw thread is quite cheeky

Via TapaTalk

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Antennas / Re: Revisiting the EA3GCY MEF-1 EFHW Tuner.
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:22:07 PM »
Hello Jon,

Did you try it with different lengths of coax or a counterpoise? What was your wire length?
I haven't ordered yet, out of money, but it's next on my list...

For 30m I use a radiator length of 14.23m and a counterpoise 4.74m.

Almost I used the recomended for Javier Solans from EA3GKY kits and the same.

The coaxial is a lead of RG-174, tested and working fine.

This week I made a picobalun from Sotabeams todo make a ultralight 30m dipole (winner Horse).

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Antennas / Re: Revisiting the EA3GCY MEF-1 EFHW Tuner.
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:11:20 AM »
I used the Ilertenna for 40m and 20m with good results.

 However for 30m the Ilertenna doesn't work fine and I use the Mountain tuner of Sotabeams.

I am waiting for. Shark 100 analizer from China...

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I have a 817 and during a two months a 897.

Both have the same menus and submenús etc.

I prefer the polivalence of 817.

Anyway, 817,857&897 are riggs designed 14 years ago. Today, 2018, I prefer SDRs like MCHF (or RS-918 chinnese clone) or Elecraft kx2/kx3.

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New To Radio / Re: Baofeng
« on: March 01, 2018, 06:53:13 AM »
I have UV5RA and UV3R+, both work Great.

Only the uv5r has a issue, It works with a negative gain antenna, and if you fit a better antenna the receiver saturate It and no Rx.

There is a post about it in a Spanish's has forum. The receiver was built to work with negative gain antennas.

However the new UV3R+ has not this problema, It works very fine with Retevis, Nagoyas and also log periodic antenna.

Note, the uv5r has as a option a USB cable to Charge throught solar pannel, the uv3r+ comes his cradle  with USB.

Anyway, 25€ for this kind of rigs id a crazy dream.

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Antennas / Re: Nagoya NA-771 antenna for Baofeng HT
« on: February 28, 2018, 11:13:52 AM »
I bought this Retevis antenna past month,  It runs really well.

Mira esto en eBay

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Times are changing, Mbitx, mchf clon RS-918 (350€), etc.

I hope oriental market soon developes a SDR 100 whatts low cost.

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Morse Code / Activation "Vértice Geodésico"
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:12:11 PM »
Here you are my last activation past saturday. I enjoyed so much.

You can see in from of the summit Montserrat mountains, near Barcelona.

Tnx for watching.

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VHF and Above / Re: New Toy - TYT MD-380
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:42:12 AM »
Congrats for the rig.

If there isn't repeaters  near your home, you can built a Hot spot based in a Raspberry Pi.

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Radio Reviews, Questions and Comments. / Re: KX2 First Impressions.
« on: December 03, 2017, 03:12:15 PM »
CockpitBob de RadioRay  BT

For me, zero question, go for the KX2.  It has a SUPERB receiver for all of my HF uses: ham, SWL and even for monitoring the HF marine activities.  The transmitter - at ten Watts maximum - is more than enough for most CW and much digital.  SSB reports, on HF nets, using the INTERNAL micropohone have all been quite good - with the receiving end being amazed that I was ten Watts SSB and not using an external mic.  On CW, I do not know that it can be beat - ounce for ounce.

I REALLY recommend the internal antenna coupler, because that allows you to use almost anything as an antenna for field expedient comms (as you mentioned) without the additional cables, power and connector requirements, which are all vectors for damage in all but ham shack environments: I call that "BOOT BAIT" and usually ends badly.  You can always use external gadgets if you chooce, by by-passing the internal ATU using a simple command in the menu.

The internal batteries are great and make this a 'single box solution'.  I have two Elecraft internal batteries and one off-brand, all of which charge using the Elecraft charger.  Yes, there are after market chargers, and they might be as good, but I TRUST Elecraft engineering for the long term reliability far more than Ebay 'discount' chargers. (buy once and cry once).  As a supplement, I have a LiFePo2 4.5 A/H pack from Bioenno that can charge from almost any "12v" solar panel, due to the INTERNAL Battery protection circuit in the battery cover that protects against over and under voltage.  Yes, whenever possible, I use the Bioenno charger, but it's nice to know that, should I NEED to charge directly from my small solar panel - unregulated- I have the ability to do it, though more carefully. I have solar/deep cycle with AC pure sinewave inverter in the camper-van, so can recharge anywhere I am parked and be good for many weeks of skeds, or several days of continuous hobby hamming- being less mobile than I used to be ;-) the van is my 'camping' these days.

Mine is in a Sigg aluminum case along with essential accessories, (click on attachment) lined with scrap conductive foam.  As a complete system, this Sigg case goes into a mid-small sized Pelican for all accessories, including chargers, straight key, antenna kit, a third LiPo battery and the Bioenno pack.  This means, impact, environmental and Faraday protection in something with about the same cubic displacement as this smallish Pelican case. Naturally, you don't need all of this for backpacking or for a few days in the woods - you can pare it down to the Sigg case and wire.  However, this is a ONE-GRAB -SOLUTION to HF communications, so I keep it packed that way. 

The Pelican outer case means that even if I tossed it overboard, I could use it once retrieved - no problem.

Remember, when the external battery pack is connected, you operate from IT automatically, unless it's voltage drops below the internal pack.  Save the internal pack as your 'electron lifeboat' in case you're down to the last ability to operate.

>>> Remember too, that this radio will operate CW, voice, PSK/RTTY with NO ACCESSORIES. You can send/receive PSK31/RTTY using the paddles and the display: no computer needed to communicate with the 'Morse Impaired'.  haha aha haaaa

My KX2 is my dream radio. 2 meters should be separate, so that you can listen to tactical/area radio-comms, while operating HF at the same time.

The KX2 is for people who give-a-dit.

>RadioRay  ..._  ._
Ray, great, great info.  Thanks!

 I'm having a hard time coping with the idea of having about $1,000 tied up in a little box that fits in the palm of my hand LOL.

The KX2 has been on my wish list for some months now , but the quote from cockpitbob, sums up my reservations exactly.
I ask my self the question,  do I realy need this radio or is it just a wish for another shiny toy ?

Like my KX1 I have had to put it into a Pelican case, because of its fragile construction, and non water resistance ,for rugged use in the field. I would have to do the same with the KX2 !!!

I have owned an FT 817 for 3 years, use it with a couple of 7Ah gel batteries , one charge gives a couple of hours use if transmitting and 4 hrs if just listening.

Two things I do not like about the radio, first, its not a great CW platform, I have the accessory filters fitted, but still the bandwidth is too big to cut out the QRM from nearby stations, making copy difficult most of the time.
My two Elecraft radios are perfect for CW work which is the reason for considering a new KX2 but for pease of mind for rugged use in the field , maybe I should search for a K1.

My sleepness nights continue, until I can make the decision !!

73 Steve
You got the right.

I bought past may a 817ND, plus cw filter 500 Hz and there is not a got rig for cw.

I just sell It and I am thinking about a Elecraft or buy a QRO base rig.

The only doubt about kx2 that I have is the quality if the dial encoder, the kx3's encoder is the same that K3.

What a pitty that I live un Spain and I must pay duty fees for EEUU products.

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Morse Code / Re: Morse Code en Provence.
« on: October 01, 2017, 01:34:56 PM »
Nice video Gil, always you make me the day

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Morse Code / Re: Morse using Inexpensive Stations
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:51:35 AM »
Yesterday I made QSO with Russia from Spain with my Tentec R4030 and 14m wire (endfed 10 MHz).

From July I made about 100 QSO around the Word in cw using cells and 4-5w.

The only limits is the bored pileups of  the DX stations.

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Technical Corner / Re: Pro and Con of Various QRP Rigs as survival radios
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:17:38 AM »
Vwflyer, perfect definition of both rigs.

I have Tentec (youkits) but if I could get a mtr3 better to have the couple.

I am learning so much with this post (thanks Gil for forum)

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Technical Corner / Re: Pro and Con of Various QRP Rigs as survival radios
« on: September 06, 2017, 08:16:29 AM »
I don't like the bottons for change frecuency of mtr5b and mtr3 and that no input more than 12v exactly but the people who has it are glad.
This two reasons also why I don't like MTR!

I own a Tentec R4030 (youkits HB1A more o less) and I am very happy with it, in fact, I don't use my 817ND never in CW since I bought the tentec.
Now this rig is not being made? I found this which says the R4030 is not made by Ten-Tec, but it is? But on Ten-Tec website is not longer listed. Maybe they stopped to make it? How much this rig costs or only available now second hand? Was it a kit or ready built? Very good specs, my only problem with this rig is I would need 40/30/20 at minimum, not just 40/30. But otherwise it's great!

Tentec R4030 or R4020 are discontinued, I bought it second hand in ebay.

Actually there is a Youkits HB1B, improved (more bands, swr meter..).

Anyway, the better way to take idea about both is that you test it (LNR and Youkits) or almost watch videos about it.

All the people who know that has a Youkits/Tentec are glad, same all the people who has a LNR.

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