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Nothing here yet: — Except this hint:

We're busy designing more exciting products for you. Check back often to see what's new!

[K1 vs. KX1] If only they had a K1 with a DDS VFO and SWL! Or a surface-mount KX1 for even smaller size! Elecraft should combine the two radios and call it a KX2.

New KX2 radio to be announced this Thursday at the Dayton Hamvention 2016

Hello to all,
We are please to announce a new radio to complement the KX3 and the KX-Line.  Here are the details.

What:  Elecraft announces the KX2, Ultra-portable radio                   
 When:  Thursday, May 16th, 1300Z                   
 Where:  Four Days In May QRP event, part of the Dayton Hamfest activities
 Elecraft is excited to announce a new radio targeting the Ultra-portable market with a Fit-In-Your-Pocket size.  Please see the attached brochure for details.
 - KX2:  $749.00
 - Options and accessories:  Please see the table below for pricing.  Also see the FAQ for details.
 Distributors are encouraged to order both the KX2 and accessories now.  The KX2 is already in production and early ordering will ensure your position for deliveries.
 Note that the KX2 will be available in full, factory-built form only.  There will be 2 internally-installed options available immediately.  See the FAQ for more details.

— This week's Thursday, however, is not on May 16, but on May 19 (2016). A typo I guess?

Net Activity / Re: SWL for the tinfoil crowd: Alex Jones Radio
« on: April 20, 2016, 08:40:47 PM »
Seen from Europe  (more specific: Scandinavia), this overview of Alex Jones covers him best:

I have been more than amazed for several years that this guy is so much admired and linked to.

General Discussion / Re: A 'magic tent' for mountaineers?
« on: April 16, 2016, 08:11:25 PM »
Just to follow up my original post: That Swiss company is now ready to take orders:

Two-and-a-half thousand dollars and up … I'd rather go for a pre-assembled Elecraft KX3 with all possible add-ons and accesories.

General Discussion / Re: What Radios Will I Buy?
« on: March 12, 2016, 09:29:24 AM »
I can think of two radios I want to get right off the bat, an Elecraft K1, which I will need to build, and a Weber MTR, which I will need to buy from LNR Precision this time.  The Weber I want for its portability, full band coverage and 5W output in such a tiny package. Of course they are both Morse code radios only, but I consider Morse code to be the best mode ever for prepping, ya'll know me well

I am a Morse code and QRP only kind of person. More than 40 years ago I worked several years as a shipboard Radio Officer. I also had a ham license, but I have been QRT for these 40 years. Recently I found I still had a right to my license and my old C/S, so I am trying to get back in. The only pieces of equipment I have from the good old days are a Vibroplex semi-automatic bug (the Original Deluxe) and a Morse training oscillator.

I lust for a pre-built Elecraft KX3 (I am not into miniature soldering any more), but I don't know if I can ever afford it. The Weber MTR seems like a good starting point for me, but I cannot find any LNR Precision Internet site (nor elsewhere) where it is actually being sold, ready-made. Can you tell me more? (And if I acquire one, I will need advice about keying it in the field and what else I need, like a mobile antenna, of course.)

Morse Code / Re: Learning Morse on Android devices.
« on: January 21, 2016, 06:29:10 PM »
What better way than listening to the news in Morse code?!

I frequently listen to this on my MacBook, and it works very well on my iPhone, too:
• Stream Title: CNN Breaking News in Morse (30/25/21 wpm)
• Stream Description: CNN's "breaking news" Twitter feed converted to Morse Code
• Content Type: audio/mpeg
Click to Listen:

In my quote I included the link to:
• CNN Breaking News in Morse (30/25/21 wpm)

There are other links to other speeds, too:
• CNN Breaking News in Morse (25/21/18/13 wpm)
• CNN Breaking News in Morse (50/47/44/41/38 wpm)
• CNN Breaking News in Morse (15/13/10/7 wpm)
• CNN Breaking News in Morse (40/36/33/30 wpm)

There are also links to these two training sites:

• Mount Point : (/NN9U) Stream Title: NN9U's CW practice tables
• Stream Description: Tables of digraphs, trigraphs and common English words taken from NN9U's article in the January 2009 QST
• Stream URL: [This link does not work, it seems.]

• Mount Point : (/W1AW) Stream Title: W1AW CW practice
• Stream Description: W1AW practice text, from high speed (40) to low (13)
• Stream URL:

Morse Code / History of Radiotelegraphy
« on: December 11, 2015, 02:24:17 AM »  — There is so much in here, days of reading:

• Maritime Radio History
• Landline Telegraph
• On Topic Books

• Learning to Use Morse Code
• CW Internet Resources

• Q & Z-Signals and Prosigns
• CW Skill Events (high speed)
• Collections of Keys
• Popular CW Operating Groups
• Available Production Keys
• Key Maintenance
• Key Building
• Building Parts Sources
• Electronic Keyers
• Radio Room Clocks
• QRP Information
• General Ham Radio Links

Morse Code / CW Morse Code for Dummies
« on: December 05, 2015, 04:35:48 AM »
This is a Facebook page where interesting links are being added about every week:

… Description

CW MORSE CODE for Dummies.
Learners, experts, tricks, materials, contacts ... radiotelegraphy
(Some of this information is collected in internet)

Example of recent link:

Morse Code / 'Morse Code as a Language'
« on: October 28, 2015, 10:16:43 PM »

This playlist was put on YouTube last week, perhaps of use to some of those who are learning Morse Code?

Hi everybody. Justin here from the Morse Code channel.

I’m doing this video to introduce this new playlist which is learning ‘Morse Code as a Language’. Morse code really is its own language, with its own words, grammar, structure, conventions, slang, and so on.

I’m going to present short dialogs between two hypothetical people. I’ll be sending Morse code using different tones for the different people. After the dialog, I’ll break it down, what they were saying, including things to look out for, and things specific to Morse code.

The playlist is going to be geared at newbies and intermediates. I assume the listener knows at least some or all of the letters and numbers. It would be great if the listener has a Morse code key they can use as well to practice, or an app, or computer program, but one of the practical things about Morse code is that you can even just tap with your finger, say dit and dah with your voice, etc. to participate.

I would encourage people to NOT use computers or apps to decode the Morse code you hear, but rather keep it a skill, a human activity, as much as possible. I think you’ll learn more Morse code this way.

And we’ll go from there!

My background is I’ve been interested in ham radio and Morse code since about 2013, and have been doing Morse code practice on and off the air since then. I upgraded to my Extra license a few weeks ago. I love languages in general, I can speak some Espanol (Spanish) and Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese).

Thanks for having an interest in languages, Morse code specifically, and checking out this channel, and this new playlist ‘Morse Code as a Language’.

I will see you next video, bye bye.

Morse Code / Re: Starting the Morse Code Board.
« on: October 05, 2015, 12:02:47 AM »
There are specific methods for handling message traffic which takes it from casual -doing a Buddy a favor- to professional quality, correcting errors ('getting fills') and etc. which the average ham has never used and probably never even heard of.

A maritime Morse operator would be an expert in such things.  These traffic handling methods can be learned.

Nothing like having a good Sparkie ashore or aboard whether it's digital or Morse.

QSL. Thanks for this nice welcome message!

I found a lot more information and photos here:

(I tried to post pictures, but it didn't work out …)

It looks kind of fragile, though. I can't find product specifications, like what material is in the blades. Where I'd use one, there might be heavy winds coming up without warning, so I need something that will survive harsh weather. What about winter?

Finally, no more depending on batteries or solar power or fossil fuel generators?
Portable wind turbine has sparked a craze and lets you harvest renewable energy almost anywhere

Janulus, a company based in Minnesota seems to have nailed a need that society has been craving.  They have built a portable wind turbine/battery combo that can charge your smart phone or your electric car.

The turbines come in one of four sizes and strengths.  The smallest, weighing in at 1.4 pounds, will give you 50 watts of power.  They scale up in size from 50 to 400 to 1,000 and finally to 2,500 watts, the largest of which can still fit in the trunk of your car.  The Kickstarter for these new models exploded on day 1 and has almost reached their goal of $50,000 as of this article being written.

General Discussion / Re: A 'magic tent' for mountaineers?
« on: September 28, 2015, 10:04:46 PM »

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