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  1. How to Extend The Range of Walkie-Talkie Portable Handheld Radios.
  2. New Toy - TYT MD-380
  3. Digital Voice, Why?
  4. TYT MD-680 DMR Handheld for Local Comms, Review.
  5. England on 2m SSB.
  6. Extend Range With 2m VHF SSB Radio.
  7. VHF SSB for Local/Regional Comms? And IC-251E...
  8. Yaesu VX-6R
  9. TYT MD-390 UHF DMR Handheld First Impressions.
  10. My new choice for local communications.
  11. Baofeng UV-5R+
  12. FT-2900R.
  13. TriSquare eXRS Radios for Secure Comms
  14. VHF Utility in TEOTWAWKI
  15. Baofeng UV-5R: Good disposable radio to add to gear?
  16. Thoughts on handhelds and digital voice on VHF and UHF.
  17. Comet SMA-24 antenna and rat tail.
  18. Programming repeaters into a Baofeng UV-5R series
  19. Diamond MR-77 VHF/UHF mag mount antenna
  20. Trisquare eXRS radios
  21. GMRS base station in the trailer?