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  1. Its never been cheaper to get into Ham Radio! 3 to 30Mhz Xcvr for $109 US
  2. Modding MTR4b for 13.8 volts..... possible ?
  3. New QRP Labs 5W CW Transceiver Kit.
  4. Armored BitX40.
  5. New Steve Weber Project.
  6. QRPGuys Morse Code Paddle Kit Build.
  7. I finished my Weber Soda Pop!
  8. The $4 Chinese Pixie Transceiver.
  9. The Resurrection of the Small Wonder Labs SW+ Radio.
  10. The Weber Soda Pop Morse Code Radio, Boxing Up & Contacts.
  11. Transmitting a wired telecom
  12. Pro and Con of Various QRP Rigs as survival radios
  13. Building an EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) Antenna Coupler
  14. Simple 5 band antenna and L network tuner
  15. The EA3GCY MFT-40 DSB Transceiver Kit.
  16. The $11 Frog Sounds CW Transceiver.
  17. General Coverage Survival Receiver
  18. Easy Dummy Load Project.
  19. How to solder aluminium rods?
  20. Building The MEF-1 Half-Wave End-Fed Antenna Tuner.
  21. 1-Watter Small Morse Code Radio Build.
  22. Surface-mount components and toroid winding.
  23. mcHF QRP Tranciever
  24. Weber Soda Pop monoband CW transceiver.
  25. The $11 Frog Sounds Chinese Radio Transceiver.
  26. Astatic 611L Microphone For The KX2.
  27. Found my first kit radio: 42 year old 5-Tube AM
  28. MOVED: Portable battery capacity spread sheet
  29. MOVED: Battery buffer to power supply?
  30. MOVED: Building a 40 Ah Battery Box
  31. MOVED: Free power!!
  32. MOVED: World Record Solar Cell With 44.7% Efficiency.
  33. MOVED: Re: Show us your Solar Power System.
  34. MOVED: How do I equalize my batteries?
  35. MOVED: Homebrew Solar Panel
  36. MOVED: Solar Charge Controller.
  37. MOVED: I'm smart enough to want solar, but too dumb to put it together...
  38. MOVED: Choetec Solar Panels Half Price on Amazon
  39. MOVED: UltraPack DIY External Battery Pack for Field Comms
  40. MOVED: Disappointed with LIPO batteries.
  41. MOVED: Going "Lipo!"
  42. MOVED: Best brand of LIPO batteries?
  43. MTR Protector, 3D Printed
  44. Homebrew Key, Iambic Padles Using Saw Blades.
  45. GO- Box for the yeasu 450d radio
  46. Mini Paddle Kits from QRPGuys
  47. Real Radio & Before there was SOTA, There was W7ZOI & Friends
  48. The ILERTENNA End-Fed Tuner.
  49. Good deal on RG-174
  50. I need a bit of machining...