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CB / Re: CB as a SHTF option, in my opinion
« on: November 11, 2017, 03:43:18 PM »
You have to go with whatever works for the area you are in. And around here, that's CB. There are a couple of guys using MURS programmed Chinese mobile's while operating heavy equipment several miles away and I get them on my scanner around lunch time. They keep their qso's short and to the point. CB on the other hand is still the wild wild west of radio communications around here. Foul language, 800 watt amps (Class A-B no less!), music in the background, drug deals openly discussed, etc. Ch 32 is the only place locally to find a sane conversation, mostly retired blue collar types. I really enjoy talking to them. But even that channel has this one guy with a heavily distorted S-7 signal with 300 watts of what I can only imagine is a Class C amp. He can hear everyone just fine with their stock radio's. But claims he cannot shutoff his amp, says that it is inside his radio with no switches of any kind and he just plays dumb about it. "This is how the radio came from the guy who sold it to me, nothing I can do". Total BS in my opinion. At least I can switch over to the ham bands to avoid this guy. But the non-hams are simply stuck with him. This is what's wrong with CB. The only comforting thought is that this guy will not be on the air in a grid-down situation. Unfortunately, neither will most of the other guys. I've made a point of getting on the CB during power outtages just to see who's on the air. More often than not, its just me.

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