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Here's a good article on building a NVIS antenna, but this is the part that a lot of folks miss reading.

"NVIS only works at frequencies from 2 MHz
to 10 MHz. The signal must penetrate the D
layer of the ionosphere, and bounce off the F
layer. Lower-frequency signals will not
penetrate the D layer; higher frequencies will
not bounce off the F layer at these sharp angles and just goes out into space. Remember the
Maximum Useable Frequency (MUF? For amateur radio operators, we're looking at 40 and 80
meters primarily for NVIS use."
So, I installed this into my attic this weekend. I did some minimal testing using the RBN, but didn't quite get the results I was looking for. Anyone else have any experience with one of these? I understand there is a compromise with an attic install of any antenna. Experience, thoughts, tips?

I did make a video about the installation here:

Tactical Corner / Re: Codan 2310 Sentry H
May 31, 2017, 11:21:30 am
Check all the sexiness:
„ Frequency range: 250 kHz to 30 MHz
Output power: 150 W PEP
„ Digital Voice (Vocoder): MELPe and TWELP;
600-2400 bit/s
„ Data Modem (high speed): MIL-STD-110A/B,
STANAG 4539; Up to 19,200 bit/s
„ Encryption: CES-128; AES-256 (voice, data
and 3G ALE)
„ GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou: Fully integrated
„ Channels: 1000
„ Contacts: 500
„ Networks: 20
„ Linking and data: MIL-STD-188-141B ALE,
STANAG 4538 (3G ALE)
„ Frequency Hopping: Up to 25 hops per second;
programmable hop bandwidth
„ Size (RF Unit): 66.5 mm (2.6″) H x 220 mm
(8.6″) W x 197 mm (7.7″) D
„ Weight (RF Unit): 2.8 kg (6.2 lb
Tactical Corner / Codan 2310 Sentry H
May 31, 2017, 10:55:01 am
Just wanted to share some images of the Codan 2310 Sentry H. Codan was mentioned in this video:

And we happened to have a Codan unit at the shop! Lovely piece of gear!

I've only had my General ticket since the first week of march, but I've seen pictures of previous field day events  and feel the same way. I've been fortunate to have on an indefinite loan, 2 radios from work, an Icom IC-703 and a Yaesu FT-857D. I've made plenty of contacts on SSB, 20m and 40m. Working hard on copying code, sending seems to be really easy, decoding, however....well we all know it doesn't happen overnight. I find myself looking at radios that I want to purchase and really want something that works well as a shack unit, but something that is also portable. So many models and manufacturers. A friend has a KX3, but...$ that thing is not cheap. First time I've posted, i've started reading the other posts in the forum. 73 DE K4SFC