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Let me indroduce you my "edc" communication setup i have in my car.

Its the Albrecht 6110 one of the smallest CD Radios on the market and its also interesting for HAM use.
The special of the 6110 is that the radio is multi standard and easily switched to all european CB norms.
Whereever you are, you are legal.
The power is regular 4 Watt FM/AM kann tuned up to 16 Watt.

One special feature is the HAM-mode! If activated the radio runs from 25.610-30.105 MHz.
So you have a very high range CB and 10 Meter HAM.
For HAM Mode you have just to jumper one contact within the radio.

The best ist the price its around 50 Euro! Together with a magnet antenna unter 70 Euro and you have nice communication setup.