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And then there is the new Minion SDR...  ::)

If having to decide between these two, what are the pros and contras?

Morse Code / Morse Code Class 01 & 02 by KN4GB via W4EEY
« on: September 24, 2019, 11:04:15 PM »
69 plus 75 minutes of Morse Code classroom instruction for beginners, well worth viewing for those who want to learn [Learn Morse Code with KN4GB and the class]: [Morse Code Class 01] [Morse Code Class 02]


YouTube channel, many Morse videos:

W4EEY linked to a 31 pages long PDF:
[Introduction To Morse Code By Melvyn Robinson KN4GB]

When will QSX be available?
We don't have an exact date, it depends how long it takes to finish all the above features and manufacture it etc. *Hopefully* something like November 2018, but this could change. Any updates will be published on this page.

Update 25-Jan-2019:
Development continues, progress is being made but there are a lot of details to take care of. Still no update on projected completion dates yet.

Update 05-Nov-2018:
We have some delays due to poor health, see - recovering nicely now so will make more progress soon and update on this page.

Regarding the last link in there I wish Hans Summers the very best health recovery!

If the QSX kit wasn't coming out, presumably soon, I might have bought one already.

The thread about that one:
[ looks interesting - QRPlabs QSX all mode, all HF bands, 10 watts - $150 !!!!]


This $350 transceiver from Odessa in Ukraine looks very interesting and affordable to me.

"This is a small-size 10 band short-wave QRP transceiver."
"The transceiver has small dimensions of 100x103x30 mm. and a light weight of 430 grams. It will suit both for work on the field trip, on nature, at the dacha .... So for everyday work, at home."
"Power supply voltage: 9-14.8V (Rated supply voltage 13.8V)".
"Consumed current in the "RX" receiving mode and 25% loudness: ~ 120mA. At 100% loudness: up to  ~ 250mA."

They say nothing about batteries so what would be an optimal battery taking this set for hiking in the mountains?

Also, any comment, such as user experience, will be valuable to me.

Edit: Removed 'the' before Ukraine:

Morse Code / Re: CW Operators needed ...
« on: April 29, 2019, 11:14:04 PM »
An interesting thread has shown up on the SKCC Google Groups mail list.

That Google group is history by now (my bolding):

The Straight Key Century Club is the fastest growing group of  straight key Morse code operators and enthusiasts in the world. Organized in January 2006 the club has thousands of members around the globe. This group is a meeting place for general discussion by SKCC members of all topics related to manually keyed Morse code, including mechanical bugs and sideswipers. It is the successor to the Yahoo SKCC group as of September 2017.

Morse Code / Re: CW Operators needed...
« on: April 29, 2019, 10:56:25 PM »
Interesting to read, once you have registered (and been accepted) in three stages:

First, register here:

Then, apply for membership here:

To be accepted there you must be a member here:

Antennas / Re: Ground Tuning Unit.
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:32:46 AM »
If someone could turn it into a PDF and email it to me: (switch for I can only open it on my phone but not my Mac...

I just emailed you the requested PDF (12 pages), converted from DOCX to PDF, made by my MacBook Pro using Microsoft from Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 for Mac suite.

Afterwards I discovered that a somewhat earlier version is available online at this URL:

That one is signed: "Alex, VK2HAS", while the one I converted ends with: "Alex, VK2HAS now changed to VK2PRC". However, they both begin thus: "Date: 06.02.2016   By: Alex Ball VK2HAS".

BTW, there are several more or less free online services to convert from DOC or DOCX to PDF, here are the five top hits in my Google search:

I have used the first one earlier, when in a hurry, and I just tried it with your DOCX. It worked fine, except it downloaded with about half the size of what my yielded. I guess this matters only if you need high quality printouts.

Also check this post:

Hello everyone, would you want to reivew our handheld radio? We need the influencers to review and make  videos for us on youtube!

If you have youtube and with more than 1,000 subscribers, and the important is your are a ham, you have the experiences on review amateur radios. please contact me by email:
We can talk about the details for review.

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