The article that inspired me to learn code

Started by KK0G, May 05, 2013, 02:38:53 pm

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Chris, in the spirit of how you opened the thread, I remember pretty much at the same age seeing a B&W film clip of some small unit (some new thing called Special Forces) in the jungle, their commo guy tapping out the latest report, also reading Le Carre's Looking Glass War, reading tales of coast watchers as a kid, etc.

Funny what gets us started; there was this gent (also from Iowa) who told the tale I related here.
Ya just never know what grabs the passion. Not the only tool but, like a good framing hammer, always worth holding onto.



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Found it on The Wayback Machine -

Pt. 1 -

Pt. 2 -

It's heart-warming to know that these articles helped you. Thanks for mentioning it.

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Thanks for the links! I made PDFs and archived on my Mac.

That must have been an awesome site, a pity it has been discontinued.