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PRC-320 Military Manpack Radio, First Impressions.

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UPS delivered my PRC-320 this morning! It still had a little bit of mud on it :) My first impression was that this thing has nothing to do with Ham radio gear, as if it was built on another planet.. It's a heavy piece of aluminum, fully sealed, submersible even, more tank-like than anything radio.. My second impression was that it is smaller than I expected given all the videos and photos I had seen on the Internet. Then, the weight.. It definitely isn't a KX2! The unit is a bit banged-up, which was to be expected, but it works just fine. The power supply I found on Ebay is a 24V 6A computer AC adapter. Add Anderson Power Poles and a Clansman power cable, mate the two, et voila! I plan on getting a 7S 5Ah LIPO pack, charger and a whip antenna. I plugged in my PAR End Fed 40/20/10, heard a few faint voices in USB on 20m, but I have not contacted anyone yet. The band isn't really open today. Since I do not have an SWR meter and my antenna is plugged in directly, I stay on 3W to be safe, which isn't much on SSB. I would probably have better luck on 40m, but remember, these rigs don't have LSB! There is the green radio frequency of 7185.5kHz, which I will try. I can see the LSB mod in my future..

The 320 is rather cheap if you don't have to pay for shipping to the U.S. but still worth it in my opinion. I can't think of a better transportable prepper radio for the price. Note that I said "transportable," not "portable." It can be done mind you, it is made for that, but there are lighter options available today, though none that you can stick under your 4x4 tire to get out of a mud hole..

Expect more testing and videos with the PRC-320 soon :)


First contact with Portugal using 3W, it works! Got a 31 RST. The guy was using 100W into a beam antenna. I got him at 31 as well.

Seems like the radio sometimes sticks on PTT, until I click the handset a couple times.. Not often but enough to wonder if it is the handset or a relay..


Very cool rig Gil.  It's got a much broader frequency range (2-30MHz) than I would have expected.  Once you get the LSB mod in, that's all the HF radio a person needs.  Is there a story behind its name Clansman?


--- Quote ---Is there a story behind its name Clansman?
--- End quote ---

I haven't looked into that yet, but I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the KKK :o


I'm on 7185.5 USB right now. Anyone wants to try?
I'll be there until 0:00 UTC.



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