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Hello  :)

This might have been better in General News but I do hope some of you guys will be able to contact me next week on the air! This week I am working near Paris for a famous car manufacturer which will remain nameless, so no radio for me. I'm writing Python code all week. Friday however I am leaving for the South of France, Provence, North of Marseilles, to catch a few days of sun before the winter. I think I will take my KX2 along with my 6m fishing pole and 9:1 UNUN.

BTW, I had to post a "backup" video on the YouTube channel, and schedule another one for this Monday. These videos aren't my best so I was keeping them at hand for such cases. I also haven't been feeling great lately and used my spare time to rest. Though, I did manage to get back to flying on Sunday and took my girlfriend up in a "Moto du Ciel" ultralight, equivalent to a U.S. LSA light plane... Hopefully this vacation will do me some good, or it's back to the doctor's.

Your best bet at a contact is to check the RBN for my call:

There won't be anything there of course before Saturday the 16th.

I might try some SSB too, but good luck finding me :o


Have a great time.  Sadly I almost never hear France, at least from the antenna in my upstairs office.  But if I see you active and DroidProp says there's a chance, I'll move to the basement where my 180' long-wire comes in.

Great that you're flying again!  I'm not and really miss it.  I looked up that Moto du Ciel.  Ha, it looks like a 21st century, open cockpit equivalent of the Paper Cup, I mean Piper Cub.  Great, great fun!  I've got 100s of hours in open cockpits and on the good days you can navigate with your nose ;D.  The smell of things like saw mills, paper mills, stock yards and garbage dumps have gotten my attention, then I looked to find them on the chart.  It made a nice cross-check to my pilotage and ded-reckoning.  That, or a good indicator of the wind direction (I miss dirty, smoky factories when I fly non-GPS lol).

Same here Gil, I saw your post, glad you're flying again.

I was not taught the third method of aerial navigation, pilotage and dead reckoning yes, but smellage no. LOL

Back in my flying days, I bought a Piper Vagabond, (PA-15), for $2500 which was nothing but a clipped wing Cub with a short fuselage. It was a cute little plane after restoration. I miss those days, but I'm too old and too broke to fly anymore.


Oh, I hope you get to feeling better Gil. Enjoy the south of France.



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