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Palomar Digicom 100 SSB transceiver

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A ham friend of mine wants to give me a Palomar Digicom 100 SSB CB radio. From what I can tell, this radio was very well made and designed. It's the closest thing to a Commercial, (Non Consumer), CB radio you can get. It's huge though and I'm just not sure if I want to get involved with 11 meters or not. I think I can even move the PLL to 10 meters as it is programmable, not sure about that though. Does anybody know anything about this radio? BTW, its pretty clean, and works, and has never had a golden screwdriver in it. We shall see.


I needed to see what it looks like. Nice overview here:

Owner's manual (PDF) may be downloaded from this site:

caulktel, I have a flea market CB and mag mount antenna somewhere in the basement specifically because if/when the SHTF there's going to be a LOT of people on CB.  Sure, I could wide-band my FT-857 and do 11meters that way, but now I have 2 rigs that can do CB. 

There's one more beneficial thing about CB.  Spend a few hours listening.  You will feel so much better about yourself, your level of intelligence, education, vocabulary and the life choices you've made ::).  The last time I put it in the car and listened as I drove around, 11M was skipping like crazy so I was hearing stations from 100s of miles away, and most of them were foul mouthed low-lifes that I wouldn't want to even talk to :o

The convenient thing about CB is since it's only 4watts, I simply put a cigarette lighter plug on the radio.  I just set it on the passenger seat, plop the mag-mount on the roof and shut the cable I the door and I'm operating.

Steve 7931:

I too, own a couple of small CB radios together with mag mount antennas, I used to keep them in my camper, for those rare occasions when others used them on rallies etc,
I can hand out one to a friend , so we can keep in touch, whilst on camping trips , very useful sometimes.
Just for the nostalgic reasons I shall hang on to them I'm sure

73 Steve

Thanks Sparks, I saw that page and read it. There doesnt seem to be much info on it, but having the service manual is a bonus.

Bob, I totally agree with you about the foul mouthed idiots on the 11 meter band. I got my start in Ham radio over 30 years ago because I just couldn't figure out why we couldn't talk normally on the our CBs instead of using all that stupid Jargon like, (hey squirrelly you got your ears on?), kind of of stuff. At least over in the UK they talk somewhat normal on the air. Anyway, my interest in this radio is mostly for the technology and the collector aspect. If I never actually talk on it, that will be okay too. I do have a couple of 10 meter imports, (I know I'm bad), that will work on the 11 meter band if I decide I have to hear some slack jaws talking:-) Oh and no echo on any of them:-(


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