Merry Christmas!

Started by gil, December 24, 2017, 07:14:58 AM

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And happy new year to everyone!



And a Merry Christmas to you also, Gil.  This website and your videos have REALLY taken-off :-)  The quality and USEFUL content is very good.  As so me, I finally have a Begali ! (Expedition).  For speeds above 30 wpm, it was tough on  for me using a bug. With the Begali - smoooooth.

de RadioRay  ..._  ._
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Merry Christmas guys!

Good on you Ray. Awesome Christmas present!

On the top of my Christmas presents this year was: solder smoke filter fan, hot air gun, and a flat earth T-shirt; because everyone knows that if the earth were actually round HF signals wouldn't get past my front stoop ;)

Looking back at it now, it sounds like all I got this year was a lot of hot air.


QuoteThe quality and USEFUL content is very good.  As so me, I finally have a Begali !

Thanks Ray! I like their Traveler Light key... Soon or later...



A bit late but Merry Christmas Everyone.

I got me a 6m fibreglass fishing/flag pole on the way from amazon with some Christmas money. It's only 510mm collapsed, perfect for stashing in the mesh pocket down the side of my pack.


Once a 'STAB in the Dark'


Happy New Year!

Winter Field Day 2018 is coming up at the end of this month.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! ;D

All I wanted for Christmas was some time with the family out of the house so I could throw breakers and track down why I have S7 to S9 broadband background noise :P. 

I got my wish, but it didn't work out the way I hoped.  Last year when I threw the main breaker the S7 to S9 noise would go to S2 or less.  Now it looks like my neighbors are making noise too because now the noise only drops 1 to 3 S-units when I throw the breaker.  Having their noise mixed with mine will make it harder and less useful to find my noise sources ???.  Funny, but I'm looking forward to the next major power outage.  I'll run my house on my generator and the only noise sources will be mine.

It's a good thing CW gets through almost anything ;)