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Modding MTR4b for 13.8 volts..... possible ?

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So Ive decided I really want an mtr4b...... but Im struggling with the fact that it wont take over 12 volts like most others do.  Being able to plug into a car battery would be a key factor for the prepper side of my brain

Can it be modded easily ?  I was thinking I could add a second power socket for 13.8 volts but not sure exactly what parts are needed to drop the voltage.  Id like to add a couple of banana plug/screw terminals for easy field use.  Id keep the original power socket for smaller batteries and maybe add a switch to flip between them ?

Love to hear your thoughts.  Regards, sean.


You could use a 7812 voltage regulator, make a car adapter with it.. Otherwise, three Lithium Ion cells will give you 12.6V max, which works. You put that little 7812 in a little plastic box in your car and you're good to go. You could even put it inside the MTR4b with a switch and add a DC input jack for higher voltages...


Thanks Gil,  id want something wired internally to run directly off car batteries/battery terminals  - im keen to have it all self contained if possible - I might even remove it all from the original box and re-box it with a ZM-2 (or similar)  in a single (more solid) case.... and a little active loudpspeaker and a switchable keyer.....along the lines of those project boxes youve been using lately.   Then I get options for resonant antennas, random wires and much more.

THe lithium Ion batteries - are they the 18650 you have been using.....   that was the plan for portable generally and the screw terminals for "emergency" power when required.

With an adjustable 7812 regulator I suppose I can adjust the transmit power as well.

If you simple need a voltage drop (not a current drop!) a couple of garden variety diodes usually give you a 0.9 volt drop per diode.  So, your 13.7ish can RUNNING can have diodes in the power line to drop it below 12 VDC , using your /cigar' lighter/power plug in the car.  I have a bunch of 1N400X series power supply diodes I've de-soldered from junk power supplies, which used for this at no cost.

>RadioRay  ..._  ._

The 7812 is not adjustable.. I did the diode thing once but the drop was more like 0.4V 1N4004..

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